The saying goes that to err is human. All, without exception, we have failed; and I think I’m an expert in the field. However, every mistake, every fall has helped me to learn essential life lessons.

I discovered my humanity. 
On some occasions, the magnitude of my failure surprised me. There was more than one occasion when I pressed my head because it was hard for me to understand how I had failed in that way. How had he not seen the situation come? How could he have said that? I fully identify with the apostle Paul when he says he knows what is right and yet does what is wrong. (Romans 7:19)

I learned to humble myself. 
I did not discover that I have the right to fail, nor that I am a victim. I discovered that I am very weak. This lesson, every child of God, needs to learn. Pride is latent in the human being. Constantly looking to raise his head. It helps us a lot to beat him having touched the bottom. Falling is not pleasant, but many times it is necessary.

I learned to persevere. 
Faced with failure, I had to choose: move forward or surrender. Often that was just the test. What are you going to do when something goes wrong? I do not mean just that your food is burned or you do not finish something on time. If the marriage falls apart, you get fired, your economy fails or your children rebel, what will you do? If you are saying, “Those things only happen to others” then be careful: “Therefore, he who thinks he is firm, see that he does not fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12) Life brings no guarantees; and while we are in this world we will have affliction (John 16:33). That the failures do not stop you. That they teach you to persevere.

I discovered His kindness 
Every time I have failed; I have met a Father who loves me unconditionally. He does not ask me to be perfect; he does not demand anything to give me all his love. This does not mean that God’s love tolerates everything. He does not conceal sin. He confronts him. However, even when discipline does it with love. Always look for our restoration. 
I know that I do not deserve anything. When I think about everything I’ve done, and contemplate His love for me in spite of me, my heart explodes in adoration.

I knew His power. 
Standing before the almighty God, seeing the magnitude of His love for me, my heart trembled. How Isaiah and Peter, I prostrated before the just and fearful God; and I feared for my life. Before His greatness we realize how poor we are. Being there we realize that His saving, healing and restoring power is in our favor. When I failed, I was not prostrate. The hand of God lifted me and put me on my feet. He shook me, healed my wounds and sent me forward, toward the goal.

I learned things that if I had not failed, I would not have learned. 
The great lessons of life are only received through difficult times. No one is transformed into the springs of life. It is the storms that shape our character. While we are in this world, we will have affliction; but do not fear. God is with us and everything he does for good. Our loving and powerful Father never releases His children. In times of difficulty you can trust. You are learning vital lessons.

I discovered that I need to fail to learn certain things. 
Unfortunately, tests are necessary. You could say that tests and failures are two different things; but I clarify that when one is trying to do the right thing, when one is giving all of oneself, having failed causes a lot of pain in one’s own heart.

Peter, the passionate disciple, failed so great. He had been by the Master’s side, had been trained by Him and was determined to follow him always. However, at the crucial hour, Jesus was denied three times. The Bible says that when the cock crowed, Jesus looked at him; and he ran out of there. Can you imagine how Pedro felt? He had done something that went against what was in his heart. He loved Jesus! He longed to please him. However, he had betrayed him. The lessons that Peter learned through this experience were vital to him and his ministry. His pride was broken. He was not the perfect disciple who had believed. However, Jesus charged him, “Feed my sheep.” Our shortcomings do not prevent God from using us.

“I did not want to do it, but I hurt the brother.” “It was not my intention, but I did very badly and now I’m seeing it.” Sometimes, even one means, “I’m not good for this. I better retire. “No, no and no! Do not give place to the enemy. Let God use the situation for good. Let Him transform your heart by recognizing your weakness and receiving all His love. He does not reject you. Do not do it!

Cheer up! The best days of your life you have not lived yet.