Monique Lindner

Monique is the founder and host of the amazing podcast Unlimited U – The Podcast for Power Women, where she interviews women that have overcome adversity and trauma and become amazing women.
She is also a TEDx speaker and a resilience and mindset coach for entrepreneurs and business owners.
She hosts and support women self defense, women empowerment and other women workshops in Thailand and worldwide.
BE BOLD, BE HAPPY, BE YOU is her tagline.

Desislava Dobreva

Des Dobreva is the founder of the first branding club. Her clients are part of her Badass Brand Squad, a unique online community where everyone supports each other and the core centre of it all is how to brand yourself as a badass.
Follow her social media for women supporting women motivation.

Lauren Raye Gordon

The amazing Lauren teaches entrepreneurs the best tips and tricks to become influencers in their niche.
Her coaching and personal branding techniques are perfect for millennial entrepreneurs that want to make an impact.
She used to work in the fashion industry and she helps and empowers women to embrace their bodies and accept and overcome eating disorders.

Regina Carbonell

Regina is the founder of Join the Gender Revolution magazine, a platform and magazine where women with different gender identities and expressions write and share their stories with the world.
She is also the co-founder of Milk Originals, a brand that fights binary gender roles.
She has a global business consultancy company in the matters of gender equality and LGBTQIA inclusion and gives school speeches against sexual harassment, emotional intelligence, and diversity.

Emily Blake

Emily Blake is a speech coach. She helps entrepreneurs master the best techniques to talk on stage.
She won Miss England Curves 2014 and she is part of the diversity programs that surround the fashion industry.
She works towards the end of unreal body stereotypes and photoshop makeovers.

Ugla Kristjönudóttir (Owl)

Ugla, better know as Owl from Fox & Owl is the co-founder of My Genderation.
A trans rights activist and prolific Youtuber has also had the pleasure to be the face of Stonewall UK.

Sabrina Phillip

Featured on Forbes, Sabrina is a young millionaire entrepreneur that makes a living by teaching other women how to live the life of their dreams.

Traveling the world with her partner, she encourages and empowers other female entrepreneurs to become boss ladies.