The marketing claims almost 100% of care when it comes to business strategy. Often, we ask ourselves what are and will be all those practices that will lead us to success and how to implement them in the communication and marketing plans year after year. In this sense, and having already reflected on this issue, we will summarize in 7 the keys to succeed in marketing like LemonDog. Take note of these digital trends!


It has been said for active and passive. Content is a key factor in creating brand value. The image of the brand will be strengthened without a doubt. Of course, it will be necessary to establish a good content strategy at all levels. As we said in a previous post, content marketing is on the rise and around this strategy will revolve around. We will see them later.


But it is useless to carry out an excellent content strategy without generating conversation about it. The public lends itself and needs to be part of the process and the company must encourage this interaction. For this, social platforms are the best tool and, although they will evolve in concept and form, they are here to stay.


As a picture is worth a thousand words, visual contents are already the real protagonists of current marketing strategies. Images, info-graphics, viral videos … These are the contents that are best virtualized as the public receives them with open arms.


In addition to the image, the game is already another strategy not only for recruitment but for engagement. More and more companies are choosing to conquer their target audience from the game. A very effective way to attract attention, while attractive.


Let’s not forget that the mobile is already winning the battle against computers and PCs. There are already many users who make transactions and purchases through mobile terminals, tablets and other devices that are coming to market. The responsive format to adapt the contents to each screen is essential to avoid losing users along the way.


Here cookies are the undisputed queens. The operation is simple, although it might seem otherwise and is almost instantaneous. It is a system based on bids that, from a cookie, companies offer to advertise on a particular portal. The great advantage of this system is the high segmentation with which it works.


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