Winning is what we all want in life. With 2018 beckoning we all want to set New Year resolutions and hope the next year will be better than the current year. Irrespective of how 2017 has been you can make 2018 better. Here are 7 ways to win in any year. I have expanded each letter of the word Winning.

Work Hard and Smart – It is so important to work hard no question about that. However it is not just about putting 12 hours into your work. It is about maximising productivity with the available time. Focus on top priorities and understand what the key result areas of your job are. Focus only on that and eliminate non value adding activities. Work hard while being smart.

Stay Inspired – Inspiration is the fuel you need to accomplish all your goals. Decide on things that keep your inspired. It may be reading a motivational book, for others it may be when you spend time with people who are inspiring, or it may be playing the sport you enjoy. Whatever it is make sure you stay inspired and it is something that has to be planned.

Never stop innovating – Innovating means always looking to improve the current realities. It is about challenging the status quo. It doesn’t have to completely original. Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player but they made sure they focused on breakthrough design with deep empathy for the customer providing the most innovative design. One book that can help here is Originals by Adam Grant. It is a wonderful book on the subject of innovation.

Never stop learning –Again with the abundance of information available we can all be on the cutting edge of the learning revolution. Identify experts in your field, read their blogs, listen to their podcasts, read their books, document what you have learned and share what you have learned. There is no end to education.

Have an impact – We all want our lives to matter. With the advent of social media and other platforms we all have great avenues to showcase our talent. Create what you want and share it with others. You are a brand now and the way you manage that is up to you. You can have an impact where you are and we don’t need authorities to acknowledge us.

Never say die – The one thing that is certain in our lives is roadblocks on the way to our goals. As the saying goes when the going gets tough the tough get going. Never give up and always keep the prize in mind. Keep your long term vision always in focus while you encounter short term setbacks. Never give up on your vision.

Guts – You need a lot of guts to get what you want. You need the ability to take calculated risks in the pursuit of long term dreams. You need to accept failure and still pursue your goals. The key is to view every adversity as an opportunity to learn and improve.

There you have it the seven keys to winning in the New Year and throughout the year. The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.