Meditating and planning your future goals is not all you need to be successful in life. There are several habits you’ll need to take up in your career path that will increase your chances of reaching your goals. However, having those goals is the first big step toward achieving them. With goals, you know where you are heading, making it hard to get lost. Billionaires teach their secrets to success, so try and adapt them as you climb the ladder.

1) Be Hard Working

Yes, many say work smart, not hard, but as an entrepreneur, you will need to make more effort than an employed person. Therefore, you have to work hard to achieve your set goals. As Mark Zuckerberg points out, “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.” Don’t just set your goals; know your dreams then sit and wait for things to unfold. Unfold them by working hard in smart ways.

2) Learn to Learn Everyday

There is so much to learn from life every day, and the only way to be successful is to be open to new knowledge. Don’t just think you know everything because you own a couple of Harvard certificates. Learning includes failing a couple of times, getting up, and doing it better. Learning also includes taking other people’s experiences and turning them into lessons of wisdom and listening to the opinions of unhappy clients as Bill Gates advised people to do.

3) Take a Chance and Do It

As much as it’s good to dream and dream big, it’s even better going after those big dreams. Sometimes, you may put your dreams on hold because of a situation, but successful people take risks. As long as you are alive and healthy, nothing should keep you from taking a chance and creating your opportunities. Don’t wait to take up the competition when there are fewer competitors. Believe that you will win among the many competitors in the industry and it will be. Believe in yourself.

4) Keep Your Circle Small

As Jeff Bezos bluntly points out, “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” The biggest issue with the transition from ordinary to success is knowing which friends to keep. You need people who are resourceful more than those who are closely filling your life. You may be scared of being labeled “proud” or “different” by peers once your status changes. If a friend is quick to judge you instead of offering encouragement, cut them off. Make friends with those above your level to learn how to get where they are.

5) Have Passion and determination

When planning your goals, ensure they are your greatest desires. The opposite may bore you even before you begin implementing them. Do what you are passionate about and see the future as what you’d like it to be and not what it is and gain determination to achieve those objectives. Charles Koch advises people to make sure their dreams bring change to the society. Make your goals meaningful not just to you but your environment as well.

6) Keep Investing and Re-investing

Warren Buffett insists on people investing in themselves and re-investing their money. You cannot afford to keep your money in the bank. Go above yourself. Challenge yourself for the better. When you feel like you have achieved your set goals, increase the limits and aim higher. When you make money, find something else you can re-invest the money in, whether office branches in different locations or a new business idea.

7) Be Humble, Stay Humble

One common character in most billionaires is humility. One common character you may notice in small business owners is pride. Choose your path, because if you do not humble yourself, life will humble you with its challenges. Even if you become a billionaire, be humble enough to help and guide others, accept mistakes and corrections, and connect with others in or out of your social class.

Whatever plans you look forward to achieving, remember the above goals if you wish to become successful. The habits may seem simple or obvious, but the simplest things are hardest to achieve. Adopt the behavior and mindset of billionaires because it is obvious that they are doing something to be where they are today.