The only way to survive is with some go-to time and sanity saving life hacks.

Stop Shopping Til’ You Drop

Thanks to technology there is no reason to waste precious time on errands when most of what you need can be purchased with one click and delivered directly to your door. For staple household items use a subscription service that automates the order and the delivery to save even more time and money. If you’re only going to order one thing online, make it your groceries. The amount of time and hassle saved by not having to go to the store is a lifesaver.

Simplify Cooking

Once you have your groceries delivered straight to your door you can save time preparing meals for the week and prepping things you know you will need for snacks like cut fruits and veggies. Slow cookers and Instapots make it easy to serve up a family meal with little effort.

Snack Attack

The only thing worse than a hangry Mom is a hungry child. Carrying healthy snacks can stave off a meltdown. A handful of The Nutty Gourmet nuts or celery sticks with nut butter can be the difference between a great time out or an epic tantrum.

Have your “Go To’s”

Simplification is the name of the game. Have a signature dish you bring to a potluck or bake for school functions. Keep a stash of universal birthday gifts for unexpected birthday party invitations and a few bottles of your favorite wine to grab as a hostess gift.

Learn on the Go

Between shuttling Madison to soccer and Montgomery to football practice you and your kids spend a lot of time in the car. Keep a lap desk and supplies in the car and you can turn wasted car time into homework time.

Dry Out

Moms of small children know that even finding time for a quick shower, let alone styling your hair, can be a daily challenge. Reduce the amount of times you need to actually wash and do your hair by investing in dry shampoo. Dry shampoo eliminates oil and adds volume in a fraction of the time a blow out would take.

Embrace Organization

Avoid clutter around the house by investing in an attractive bin for everyone. Keeping it in a mudroom is ideal. Your kids can put all their random stuff in one spot, eliminating Legos in the living room and dolls in the dining room. Invest in an over the door shoe holder to keep in the mudroom and you’ll never have to wait for your kids to find their shoes, or see them strewn all over the house. Keep a trash bin in the car so your vehicle doesn’t end up looking like the city dump by the end of the day.

Follow these simple hacks and you’ll be able to embrace being SuperMom and still keep your sanity.