Remember how good it felt being a playful child, before the world told you who and how you should be?

Our imaginations were free to dream up anything! I can’t tell you how many business ideas I had at 11 years old. 

We didn’t judge. We didn’t compare. We saw life in everything (even our stuffed animals). WE WERE FREE. And we still are. We’ve just lost our way a little bit. 

Here are 7 life lessons we can learn from children:

Be unapologetic about what you want in life.

Notice that children just want what they want, and they don’t feel a need to give an explanation for it. Give yourself permission to desire what you desire and to know you are worthy of it. Spend time every day in the vision of the life you want to be living, even if you already are. Imagine it, believe in it, and know that if you can dream it, it is possible. 


Children do not hold back for fear of being too much. They show up big, in their brilliance. So, what can we learn? Be a lot. Be a lot of who you are, it is your superpower. Have a lot of layers, it keeps you interesting. Carry a lot of personality, it is infectious. Hold a lot of dreams, it inspires. Feel a lot of emotions, it keeps you whole. Have a lot of ideas, it makes life fun. And most importantly, have a whole heck of a lot of forgiveness, for others, and yourself. Do not be afraid to be a lot. To be too much. The world needs you to show up big.

Be fearlessly creative.

The highest level of consciousness is creativity. Creativity also requires our deepest level of vulnerability. We avoid putting ourselves out there because as adults we have hardwired fear. Fear of rejection, being seen, failure, exposure. All risks that accompany our creativity. It’s scary, I get it. What if you accepted the fear and started creating anyway? Creating that business you are passionate about. Maybe it is creating that relationship you desire. Creating a deeper spiritual connection. Life is all about our ability to create. Which means we must be willing to get really vulnerable. Which means we must be willing to be afraid AND take action anyways. This is an arrival to a whole new level of living. An opening to all possibilities and opportunities. Freedom at the highest level.

Life is a game.

What if we looked at life like a game, and we are always winning? We work perfectly to produce the results we are getting in life, whether we are aware of it or not. What we put out into the world mirrors the energy we receive in return. Make it a habit to ask yourself this question often “Where am I focusing my energy? Is my attention focused where I desire it to be? Am I playing other people’s games instead of my own?” Play the game of the life you desire to be living. This will completely reorganize your human adventure. And it is much more fun.

Live in Joy and Inspiration

Kids are ALWAYS excited, even about the little things. They live in constant inspiration. What inspires you and brings you joy? It can be anything! This is your creative force. When we live in the creative force of joy and inspiration, we become a magnet for all that we desire. All it takes is one small, inspired action each day. THAT IS ALL! Get excited about your morning coffee. Put on your favorite top for no reason. Buy a bouquet of flowers just because. One small action that inspires you or brings you joy aligns you with the energy and momentum to create the experience you desire. Inspiration has an organizing power within us to quickly shift our state into joy. Every time we lean into joy and give in to the ordinary moments, we become a magnet for more. 

Use your imagination. Every single day. 

Childlike wonder…Notice how children are always imagining without hesitation or reservation. They hold the grand visions, for life and for the world. What we imagine holds a powerful creative force. We call forth what we think about most. Our minds never lose their creative power, it is what determines our reality, each and every moment. Are you spending time envisioning what you desire most? What you focus on are the images of the dream that make up your life. YOU get to create that reality! We can choose to run towards the vision we desire most, or we can keep ourselves stuck, fearing what we do not. Choose to focus your attention on the vision of what you desire, and you will train your mind to create a joyful reality.

If all else fails, just play.

Children are always playing, laughing, and having fun. Why not laugh and have fun with this wild adventure we have all found ourselves in? Laughter and fun elevate our mood and relaxes our whole body, making it the perfect antidote to stress. Play can even raise our level of consciousness. Think about it; our younger, innocent, playful selves are our most brilliant, creative, and authentic selves! We were much more calm, content, and peaceful too. Having fun is one of the quickest ways we can shift into the energy of feeling good. Life is meant to be fun, and we are meant to feel good. Feeling good makes us better people and stronger leaders! Connect back to your fun, playful, childlike self. Start goofing around and laughing more. I goof around a lot. Everyday! The more we can connect back to our younger, playful selves; the higher our vibration and consciousness becomes.

We come into this world so perfect. We are full of wonder, love, and creativity. There is an essence about children that is completely miraculous. The miracle? They are grounded in the purest truth of who they are. Love, joy, peace, abundance, creativity, inspiration.

Ok, so maybe we easily forget who we are and why we are even here. The good news is we can find our way back. When we remove the conditioning, the beliefs, the fears, the doubts this world has programmed into us…there we are. The more connected we are the more we experience the essence of who we truly are. 

And although there are moments we will get lost, remember this – that quiet whisper within, the one that says there is more, it is right. Children teach us, by reminding us of who we really are.