A happy workplace means healthy employees and higher work productivity which will benefit the company. Employees spend their maximum time in a day at office hence promoting workplace well-being is an absolute must. It is not an option anymore, but it is necessary that each office has a good employee well-being program in place.

Here are a few ideas that can be included in the employee well-being program.

1. Maintain Good Work-Culture:

The work culture of an office plays a major role in the amount of stress an employee needs to deal with at work. Keeping the environment fun and productive and eliminating office politics can have positive results on the mental well-being of the employees.

2. Introduce Group Activities:

Introducing activities such as Yoga or stretches during office breaks can increase the energy level amongst the employees eliminating muscle tiredness.

3. Provide Ergonomic Furniture:

Providing employees with proper ergonomic set up will ensure that they do not develop health issues related to a stagnant lifestyle like back or neck pains and eye related issues. Most people working in the office spend most of the day at their desk, providing comfortable seating will ensure that the employees are able to work without any distress. Another popular trend going around is replacing the usual desks with a sit stand desk so that the employees can be more active in the office. These simple changes can increase productivity as well as the well-being of an employee

4. Arrange for a Health Fair:

Arranging for health check-ups by asking the local Integrative Wellness professionals to visit the office twice or thrice a year will make sure that the employees are aware of their current health status and will be motivated to take steps to improve their well-being and overall wellness .

5. Provide Healthy Meals:

Almost every company runs its own cafeteria for the employees. When people need a break from work, they tend to binge on unhealthy food, by excluding all unhealthy options from the cafeteria menu and replacing them with healthy options, employees will be encouraged to choose healthy meals and snacks which will promote good health.

6. Allow Work from Home:

Allowing your employees to work from home a few days in a month will also help in increasing their productivity along with eliminating stress as working from the home allows them to spend more time with their family eliminating wasting time in commute which helps them maintain a work-life balance hence reduce stress.

7. Update Office Interiors:

The environment in which a person works also affects wellbeing. Working in a closed office the entire day means no fresh air which may be harmful and not be a motivating environment to work. The office space should be modified such that there are a good number of windows for natural lighting to come in, adding inspirational and colorful wallpapers or wall paints and including potted plants in the workspace to bring in nature. Also, a room should be allocated for recreational activities where an employee can sit in a comfortable sofa and work for a while. Adding an open terrace to the office is also a great way to make sure that the employees have a space to be in the open, breathe fresh air while walking around.

There are many other techniques a company can apply to promote the well-being of its employees, but it is not just the office’s responsibility to take care of the wellness of its employees. If you are joining a company, it is your responsibility as well to enquire the work-culture of the company before you decide upon joining the office. Even if your office culture promotes employee’s well-being, the employees also need to take care of themselves.