For over 100 years, Mother’s Day has been a national holiday, and for over 100 years, people have struggled with what to get as a gift for the mothers in their lives. Flowers and chocolate are always good standbys, but in the age of personalization, you need to put a bit more thought into what you give.

With over 85 million moms in the U.S. alone, there is plenty of cause to celebrate. It has become one of the biggest gift-giving holidays, beating out Father’s Day and even Valentine’s Day. Phone traffic on the holiday spikes up nearly 37 percent above the average, making it the single busiest day for phone companies throughout the year. Mother’s Day also sees the purchase of a quarter of all the flowers bought during the year, with carnations among the most popular choices.

Every year, kids of every age scramble to find Mother’s Day gifts, even though the holiday comes just as reliably as taxes and Christmas. Instead of giving your mom chore coupons or breakfast in bed (though the latter will always be a classic), here are seven gifts that tick the unique and thoughtful boxes:

1. An Amazon Fire TV Stick lets Mom stream her favorite shows. Sometimes the best gift to give is something Mom would never think to buy for herself. Enter the Fire TV Stick from Amazon, one of the most affordable options in the streaming device world. Its practicality and possibilities make it a gift that will last over the long haul, while giving your mom an excuse to finally catch up on “Downton Abbey.”

2. Geographic coordinate necklaces tell the story of her favorite places. Though most kids eventually leave the house where they were raised to venture out, mom’s place will always feel like home. A necklace that has the exact latitude and longitude of your town, address, or favorite spot, like those from Lat & Lo, is the perfect reminder of your bond. If necklaces aren’t your speed, there are also bracelets, rings, and — if you’re feeling really sentimental — tattoos.

3. A glassybaby votive or drinking glass lets her support a good cause. Gifts with a purpose are booming in popularity. In fact, Millennials are 79 percent more likely to buy from a company that has a socially conscious cause behind it. If a charitable gift is what you’re looking for, try glassybaby, a hand-blown glass company based on a “giving model.” With each purchase of a votive holder or drinking glass, 10 percent of the pretax revenue goes to a specific charity — or the company’s own white light fund, which donates to hundreds of causes.

4. A craft-and-sip party lets her create. If the wave of clothing and accessories covered in wine-related puns are any indication, moms love their vino. Further, Millennial moms have been named the most active demographic on Pinterest, diving into the DIY life with gusto. Why not marry the two pastimes via a craft-and-sip party? Franchises like Painting with a Twist and other local businesses are popping up all over the country to offer art-and-alcohol pairings. And with many sessions starting at just $35 a person, they won’t break the bank.

5. TheraBox will give her some TLC. Mothers don’t get mental health days, but they are arguably the ones who need them the most. You can send mom a little rest and relaxation through TheraBox, a subscription service that brings self-care essentials right to her door. TheraBox prides itself on its holistic and socially conscious offerings, yet at only $35 a box, it doesn’t come with the typical organic wellness price tag.

6. A GiftTree basket delivers a present tailor-made for her. If you can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day, sending a gift basket filled with her favorite things can help fill the gap. GiftTree offers seemingly every type of gift basket and set under the sun, including chocolate towers, table tennis sets, and even cheese-of-the-month subscriptions. Of course, GiftTree also offers your more traditional flower arrangements and balloon bouquets, and the site sure knows its audience — it has a special tab that provides same day delivery options.

7. A Shutterfly photo book preserves her most treasured memories. Moms save everything, from baby teeth to your first pair of shoes. Through a photo book, you can return the sentiment by giving her a print copy of all the memories you both hold dear. Shutterfly offers a large portfolio of print goods and is nearly always running some type of promotion. The photo book service does most of the work for you via preplanned themes and layouts, so all you have to do is write the dedication page and drop in your photos.

While macaroni art once sufficed, today you can truly find the gift that speaks to the uniqueness of the woman who raised you. Moms are often the unsung heroes, but Mother’s Day serves as the perfect time to celebrate everything they’ve done, and most importantly, how they really are superwomen.


  • Jared Polites

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    Jared is a frequent contributor to publications such as Hackernoon, Benzinga, Entrepreneur, and more.