Travel exhilarates the senses. While it is always fun to book the trip, when it comes time for packing, items can easily be forgotten. There is always a list of things you wished you would have remembered to bring on vacation. Feeling safe and comfortable is a vital component to a great travel experience. Whether touring Europe, playing on the beach, or enduring a long flight, this year travel with a sense of security and well-being with these seven piece-of-mind travel accessories.

1- Lexli Sunscreen – “Did you pack the sunscreen? No, I thought you did.” How often has that been the question asked on vacation? Keep your skin safe from the sun, no matter what the temperature may be at your destination, sunscreen is always important. Large, bulky, and aerosol type cans are not ideal to pack. Discover this 4oz bottle that is made with 99.9% professional grade aloe. Not only does it work, it is good for your skin and easy to pack. (Also a 2018 Aestheticians Choice Award Winner)

2- Protalus Insoles – Insoles? Why on earth would insoles be at the top of this 2018 list? Well, this brand specifically due to the science behind them. Helping to align the ankle properly, these achieve maximum success in support. Couple that with the way it makes you feel, and you could walk for hours on end. Whether you are going to Disneyland, Europe, or anywhere you will be on your feet- this is a must-have. When feet become sore and tired, legs become achy and other body parts start hurting, leading to irritated travelers who simply want to rest. Travel in comfort and keep moving with these insoles, your feet, and vacation companions will thank you.

3- Google Translate – Language barriers can be troublesome at times, and being able to say hello or goodbye in a different language is a common courtesy. Before traveling, download the Google Translate App to quickly and easily learn a word or two, or to have it available when in a pinch. Google translate offers the ability to use the app offline, get offline instructions here.

4- Pacsafe Backpack – Safety is a concern, especially in today’s world. With a line of products, from luggage to backpacks, Pacsafe offers an enhanced sense of security. The Citysafe CX- Anti-Theft Backpack is a favorite due to its organizational compartments, sleek design, and space for a 13” laptop. With turn and lock security hooks, a locking system, slash proof material and more, find comfort in knowing your stuff is safe and secure wherever you may be roaming on this earth.

5- Travel Adapter – Having an all-in-one converter is the way to go, and for less than fifty dollars BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter is a winner. With 4 USB charging ports and 3 plugs, you can charge or use up to 7 devices simultaneously. The 220V to 110V voltage converter has 1 EU power cable and 3 international adapters (US/UK/AU), supporting outlets in North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Japan, China etc, more than 150 countries.

6- Cocktail Kit – Long flights may call for an adult beverage, and for those that love craft cocktails, this product is a travel staple. Offering kits such as the Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, Champagne Cocktail, Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, Margarita and more, these are sure to be a hit mid-flight. Kits include the necessary mixers and tools and are perfect bon voyage gift or surprise for your travel companions.

7- Wifi On The Go – Technology has come a long way. Skyroam offers a device that provides unlimited global WiFi. There are no contracts or commitments, you only pay for what you use, and you can share with friends and family- up to five devices. It is perfect for any type of travel. Feel safe knowing you can make a call or get in touch from wherever you are, whenever you need.