I have spent the last six months listening to a lot of podcasts. My morning commute turned into a walk around the neighborhood (when I listen). My sleep-filled nights have turned into some sleepless nights (when I listen) and I am in the kitchen cooking — a lot (when I listen). And that doesn’t even cover it all.  

A few months ago I launched my new company Goodpods — an app where you can follow your friends and influencers — ranging from Malcolm Gladwell (@malcolm) to Gwyneth Paltrow (@gp) — to see what shows and specific episodes they’re listening to. So, through the quarantine and beyond, I’ve gotten some fabulous recommendations via the app. Here are some suggestions that come from some of my favorite people to follow on Goodpods — categorized based on what you are in the mood for.  

Self Improvement

Ten Percent Happier: All Your Sleep Questions Answered

The host Dan Harris talks in-depth about what happens when you don’t get enough sleep — and then analyzes his own sleep patterns. He and his guest also give real actionable tips on how to get more — and better — sleep each night.

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The Ultimate Health Podcast. Episode Dr. Michael Gervais: Finding Mastery

If you’ve not heard Dr. Gervais yet, you should absolutely check this out. Dr. Gervais is a high-performance psychologist who has worked with some of the top athletes and executives in the world. This episode is all about how to train yourself for optimism — he gives real tips and tells real stories that so that it all makes sense.  

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Mindless Entertainment

Blood Ties

There are two seasons of this scripted podcast — each episode is about 25 minutes. Starring Josh Gad, Gillian Jacobs and Amy Landdecker it’s about two siblings who lose their parents in a plane crash and their decision to honor their father’s legacy or risk everything — for the truth. You know the books you grab at the airport to make the plane ride go quickly, picture that in podcast form. It’s a fun listen.

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Unbelievable True Stories

DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation — Steve Hodel | Retired LAPD Homicide Detective + Black Dahlia Avenger

This is a crazy story about a retired LAPD detective who discovers his father is a notorious serial killer. For those of you who like true crime, this is a no-brainer. For those of you who don’t — this is just one episode, not a whole series, and a story worth hearing.   

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Outlook:  The weird world I was warned to keep secret

Canadian journalist Pauline Dakin tells the story of her childhood which was filled with all sort of mysterious incidents, unexplained getaways and warnings by her mom to not talk to anyone about what was going on. She shares with the host how she was able to uncover what was going on and how she dealt with it once she knew the secret.  

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Learning Something New

Unprecedented – Episode Bodily Harm is Coming

Unprecedented tells the stories of ordinary people who end up in front of the Supreme Court and have defined our first amendment rights. This episode follows the story of the case Virginia v. Black where it’s determined whether it’s OK for the Ku Klux Klan to put up a flaming cross in someone’s backyard. They tell the story in a way that really makes you think about what actually is “free speech” and it prompted a really interesting discussion around my dinner table after we all listened to it.  

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Short Wave — Episode Compost Your Loved Ones

You can either see this as a morbid topic or a beautiful one. As someone who is interested in the environment, I found this episode fascinating. Also, it’s only 7 minutes long and so it’s perfect if you just have a quick window to listen.

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