Are we really ready to improve your life?

Before you can think of improving something it means there should be an existence of such thing.

Ask yourself, do I have a life? It sounds funny but it is important to know. As a human, we should have a life to live. Whoever doesn’t have a life to live should be in the grave. You exist to accomplish a goal in life. How often have you talked with the inner self that you need to improve your life but fail to take a step?

How often have you been dissatisfied with some aspects of your lives and vowed to change them, but you fail to make a decision? My question now is, what is holding you back from improving your life?

Ask yourself the question, what is stopping you to improve? Let me ask you this question. What do you think is holding you from improving your life?

The answer is not farfetched, it is a lack of motivation, desire, determination and discipline.

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No doubt, a greater number in Nigeria make a New Year resolution.

This is the 5th month in the year 2018, let assume you challenged yourself in the New Year resolution to achieve one goal per month. It means you have achieved 5/12. Ask yourself, how many you have achieved so far? What has really changed in your life?

Moreover, many people promise to change in life whenever they read about someone who miraculously attained a height. Sometimes you watch the Tv show, for example, the just concluded Big Brother Nigeria. Mr Miracle made 45 million Naira within 3-4 weeks, also, the trending Davido and Assurance etc.

We are eager to improve when we see a change in our environment. You promise to improve yourself when you see examples around you, however, the desire for improvement does not last long and enthusiasm quickly disappears.

When there is a problem, the next thing is finding the solution.

Is it possible to make positive changes? Is it possible to improve your life?

Yes, it is certainly possible, but you have to make a plan, follow certain strategies and techniques, and make some inner changes in your viewpoint and in the manner of your thinking. In order to waste our time. There are ways you can achieve your set goals to improve that part of your life you feel it needs improvement. Nobody is a perfect t being.

We must strive to improve. You can’t make a resolution, sit back and expect it to be realized. No dream can come to a reality without you taking actions.

Let me say analyse some ways on how you can improve your life.

Point number 1

Determine what you want to improve. Sit where you can be alone and undisturbed. Write a list of your goals. Analyze what you’ve written to see how feasible you could achieve the listed goals. You will probably find that some of them are unachievable within the time range, strike them off.

Point number 2

On another paper, copy the goals on your list you feel you can achieve. Put them down in order of importance (scale of preference).

Point number 3

From the above points 1 and 2 you a plan now. Now, think of the strategies and techniques to achieve them. For example, buying books, make friends, watch motivational CDs, attending a lecture, or other things that can help you improve your life. You need something or steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goal. If it requires to distant to your friends, please do so.

Point number 4

keep your desire, enthusiasm and motivation alive by often thinking about how you want to look at your life. Also, think about the benefits you will achieve by improving your life.

Never let excuses like over-protective parents, finance, bad government, annoying home training, Nigeria economy should not your excuse.

Point number 5

Do not let anything make it impossible for you to improve your life. Do not worry if there are obstacles, delays or difficulties. Be determined to do what you have decided to do, no matter how much time or effort you need. That’s how successful people are doing.

Without sweat there nothing to be called sweet. A letter E must come before another E. Endurance comes before Enjoyment.

Point number 6

Have faith in yourself and in your ability to improve your life. Self-confidence boosts your morale. If you doubt yourself you have made the goals unachievable.

Point number 7

Be willing and open to accept changes. Don’t expect improvement to get into your life without doing anything. You must take actions, take the opportunity and be ready to change your habits and lifestyle.

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I believe the highlighted above can help you to improve your life. Remember, making resolutions is not enough; you have to do something with them.

If you had resolutions in the past but did not keep it, it was because you were not serious enough and your desire was not strong enough. If we can follow strictly as listed accordingly. It will help us in a long way.


You can improve your life at all levels, but you have to follow the plan, maintain your enthusiasm, desire and motivation, and you do not have to give up when you face difficulties and obstacles.

Though it may take some time and effort to improve your life, it is an enriching and rewarding goal. Your life is worthy to be enjoyed. You deserve to live a healthy, wealthy, balanced and satisfactory life.

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