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With today’s emerging technologies and innovating educational opportunities, online learning has obviously increased all over the world. New protocols implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to the increase of numbers choosing distance classes as a mode of learning. Online learning is now a promising trend because of the various benefits it provides. However, for students who are new to this learning setup, it could be challenging for them to cope well. What they need are productivity tips to help them handle their online classes effectively.

7 Tips for Students to Become Productive with their Online Classes

As previously mentioned, the global pandemic has impacted the education system nowadays. Schools are now working on filling the gaps to meet their online learning infrastructures and materials. Based on a blog post published by Best Colleges, this pandemic has greatly influenced the increase of distance learning students.

“The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the adoption of distance learning at all education levels. In addition to thousands of colleges and universities, hundreds of thousands of K-12 institutions closed nationwide. The mass transition will be a proving ground for online education.”

A study made by Science Direct concluded that students should learn how to cope up with digital transformation.

“To develop multimodal approaches to achieve course content objectives for better learning outcome can be a better idea to deal with the complexity of online education. Undauntedly, the governments must ensure the availability of reliable communication tools, high quality digital academic experience, and promote technology-enabled learning for students to bridge the disparities that originated in the education system before and after the COVID-19 catastrophe which is also inevitably necessitated for uninterrupted learning. Few steps should be accounted in the wake of this pandemic; to develop such a curriculum that reflects the perceptible change in the content knowledge and learning experience of students as well as enable them to think critically.”

A common challenge faced by students is how they can stay productive while studying. Since everything is done virtually, there can be instances that questions over discussion can be a bit more difficult. Their health can also be at risk because of their schedules and the effects of using too many computers and gadgets.

If you’re one of the students who is now doing classes online, then these productivity tips will help you:

#1 Create a dedicated space for your online classes.

You may think that doing online classes is a very convenient way to learn. You just turn on your computer and connect via Zoom or other applications. In some ways, that is true. However, there are also some important things that you should consider. For instance, if you really want to focus and become productive in learning, you should be in a comfortable learning place. Although you can set up your devices anywhere, it is still best to have a dedicated space for your class. The learning space should be comfortable and have a reliable internet connection. The room should also be free from distractions like noise, pets running around, and people chatting. With a comfortable and quiet place, you can concentrate and study well on your lessons.

#2 Use ergonomic equipment and accessories

It will be very helpful if you will use ergonomic equipment and other tools that will make your learning experience more worthwhile. A standing desk, instead of an ordinary table, can help you promote better posture while studying. Poor posture can lead to back pain, fatigue, and other health concerns. The same goes for prolonged sitting and standing. With the help of a standing desk, a student can easily shift from sitting to standing. You should also consider using a desk converter, which can be attached to a table easily. It’s more convenient to use and a space-saver. From time to time, there are projects and assignments that require using your computer for long hours. Use an ergonomic vertical mouse to prevent acquiring wrist pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

An ergonomic chair will also be a big help. It can help students to not have back pain and lessen the fatigue they may experience. An LED desk lamp should also be on your desk so that proper lighting is ensured. Remember that poor lighting can cause headaches, and that may cause you to finish lesser activities.

#3 Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Activities for students can sometimes be overwhelming and tedious. That is why it is essential to take care of yourself. How can you be more productive if you are not feeling well? Make sure that you’re eating healthy foods. Get enough sleep at night. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid bad health habits.

Avoid too much stress. When lessons seem to be difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers. Ask questions, welcome feedback, and appreciate suggestions.

#4 Be mindful of your schedules

Your class schedule will serve as your to-do list while doing your online classes. Make sure to follow your schedule. Be ready 20-30 minutes before your first class. This will give you enough time to check your devices, internet connection, paper, and pens or note-taking. Don’t forget to clean your table as well.

#5 Get rid of the possible distractions

There can be a lot of distractions while learning online. Noise from various sources can be your foe. You may compete with animal sounds, music and television, and even with the beep or vibrations of your phone. To stay focused and productive while studying, make sure to learn what are the things that can distract you from your learning station. Make sure to turn off social media notifications and use headsets with noise-cancelling features. Let your family members be aware of the time you should not be disturbed.

#6 Take down important notes.

Even if you’re having your lessons online, it will be better if you can still write down notes. This is because it will save you more time when you need to check back details on your lessons. Instead of turning on your computer and browsing from different pages of slideshows, you can just refer to your notes.

#7 Reward yourself

Reading notes, attending Zoom classes, researching, and working on projects can be tiring and overwhelming. It takes patience and effort to do that. After finishing the week’s class, why don’t you give yourself a reward? Go for a hike, buy a new book, or watch your favourite movie. After long hours of studying, you deserve a pampering treat.

Final Thoughts

Studying online can be absolute bliss. It is more convenient and can provide various benefits to both students and teachers. However, staying productive with sometimes tremendous lessons can be a bit challenging. This is why students should consider applying some productivity tips to make the most of their online learning experience.