There are countless benefits to having a well put together image. It leads to better self -worth and confidence, and helps others value you more. It also shows that you’re comfortable in your skin and will help to attract people who like and appreciate you for who you are.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to increase your bottom line or an employee trying to get a raise on your job, image is everything.

The great news is you don’t necessarily have to be a fashion expert or a millionaire to get started. When I made the decision years ago to get serious about my image I did all the research I needed to start looking how I wanted to feel. I also set a realistic budget and made purchases that were comfortable for me. Which shows that you don’t need a closet full of high-end designer pieces to have a fabulous wardrobe?

Now, as an image consultant I teach my clients how to do the same. My motto is “when you look good you feel great” and feeling great is never something you want to put off.

Here are 7 proven steps you can take to help in owning an image you can be proud of

Decide to make the commitment

Much like everything else we conquer in our lives, having a wardrobe we love starts with our mindset. You have to decide that you are worthy of an image that makes you stand out in a crowd. A lot of people don’t realize that their insecurities or body conscious thoughts make playing the background more comfortable for them. Although it feels good to get compliments all the time, if you’re not ready for that kind of attention it could be a negative. If you are ready, than make the decision to get committed and stay committed.

Know Your Body Type

By knowing what body type you are you’ll be able to style yourself in looks that are more flattering to you and your shape. Different styles and cuts look better on different silhouettes. So body type knowledge will greatly assist in you knowing what pieces are for you and which pieces you should leave alone.

Identify Your Personal Style

There are many styles you can choose from. You can even invent your own. The key is to narrow down the choices and define which one is more true to you and your personality. You do that by singling out pieces you love. Once you have an idea of what types of pieces feel right to you, make a decision on what that style type is. Is it more chic, sporty, edgy, classic, or something original. Once you identify your personal style it’ll help you stay in that same vibe when you shop for new items to add to your wardrobe. It’ll also be key in you feeling great in what you wear on a consistent basis.

Closet Audit

Get rid of the old to make room for the new. Think of this process as a cleanse that you might do for your body. You’re going to shed the weight of clothes that

A. Don’t fit your body type

B. Don’t fit your personal style

C. That you don’t love

Once you get rid of the old pieces that aren’t serving you it’s a good idea to organize the pieces you’re left with. Having an organized closet is a big step on the journey to owning an image you love. You can also donate any of the clothing that you no longer want or sell those items at a consignment store.

Create a List of Essentials

Create a list of pieces you need to add to your wardrobe to create the daily looks that fit into your personal style. If blazers fit into your personal style, put them on your list. This way you can start to slowly add blazers you find and love to your wardrobe. By creating a list you’ll be able to stay true to your personal style a lot easier.

Do Not Impulse Shop

This way of emotional shopping never benefits us. We end up purchasing pieces that we don’t need, don’t love, and really have no use for. It causes us to waste our finances on pieces that will sit in our closet unused. So the next time your friends say let’s go shopping grab your list of essentials. Or leave you credit cards at home.

Shop with Purpose

Never shop without a clear plan of what you need. Whether you’re looking for one item or a full look you need to map out a plan for what your needs are and what you’ll be purchasing. Otherwise you’ll end up with a closet filled with 5 of the same things or similar things and no variety. It will also cause you to purchase pieces you thought you liked on that day but you have no use for and nothing to wear them with. Always shop with a purpose and get the things you know you need.

These are all very important steps to take as you move towards owning an image you love. Once you apply these steps you’ll see how easy it is to let the world know who you are without having to open your mouth.

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