By inquiring within, you allow yourself to realize what's best for you at this time.

Everything takes time.

Healing takes time.

Understanding takes time.

Same goes for adjusting to the new normal that we have now.

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Indeed, the COVID19 pandemic changed the way everyone lives on a day to day basis.

Suddenly, our priorities, mindset and a whole lot of other things in between,  shifted to a new space in our effort to cope with the changing times.

However in the process, due to the abrupt nature of the current situation we are in, we are oftentimes left feeling lost and confused.

And this leads us to forget the most important thing that we should be doing now: to continue living in the now.

To able to do that, gaining clarity is key so that you can know and understand yourself (and your current space) better.

Here are some questions which you can reflect on to be able to survive and eventually thrive in the new normal:

  • “How am I now?”

The whole COVID19 pandemic allowed us to journey back towards ourselves. And that is such a powerful position to be in: to get to see (and experience) ourselves in a different light. By carefully identifying and acknowledging your emotions, you are able to process them fully which in turn, can give you the clarity you want and need.

  • “What do I really want?”

If there’s one good thing that resulted from this whole pandemic, it’s the fact that we got the chance to know ourselves better, our priorities and what really makes us feel happy, complete and fulfilled. Minus your job (or whatever it is) that used to define you before, come from a space of honesty and ask yourself what you really want to do as you start all over again from scratch. Yes, even sad endings are beautiful beginnings in disguise. And having new goals as you choose to become the person you’re meant to be, can be quite liberating.

  • “What can I do in my current space?”

Make a quick inventory of your skills and resources on hand that will enable you to jumpstart your journey towards becoming the next you. The mere fact that you are still alive and healthy, it means that wonderful possibilities are ahead, only if you make that choice today to at least take the first step in maximizing the space you’re in.

  • “How can I move on and forward?”

Aligning everything with what you really want, begin to strategize. Draft down concrete action plans that will allow you to see the big picture of your new journey and how to get to where you’re meant to be. Consider coming from a space of hope and love, instead of stress and fear. And don’t forget to add mini milestones in between so you have something to celebrate about every now and then to keep you going.

  • “Where can I get the support that I need?”

It is important to know that help is readily available. You should just be willing enough to acknowledge you need it and ask. Given your new goals and milestones, who do you think can help you within your current network? Or who can refer you to people and professionals who can?

  • “How can I commit 100% to my new journey?”

The new normal demands the next you: your own #bestmeever . So think about all the things you need to let go of so you can make room for new ones which perfectly fit your current space and state. Think of key values that will serve you well. Remember, embracing change might be hard at first but quite rewarding thereafter.

  • “What is the next physical step I can do to make this a reality?”

Planning is one thing. Choosing to take action is another. So ask yourself here and now, how can you jumpstart your journey? The first step is always the hardest but hey, once you figure it out, all will start falling into place.

Remember that the choices you make  today determine the person you become long after the pandemic is over.

By taking a step back and asking these powerful questions to yourself, you allow yourself to gain new insights and realizations that will allow you to finally not just survive, but thrive in the new normal and beyond.