1. You will survive. So says the song and so says experience. Unless it’s your time to die. Fortunately and unfortunately that particular occurrence we all won’t be able to survive. I’ve been on this Earth for a bit now and there were moments in my life when I wanted to dig up a hole and lie in it, never to come back to the living and breathing. But I got through it, even when I didn’t see a way out; I came back from that hole and nursed myself back to life. The same scenario kept repeating itself. And I’m still here writing this to you and saying: “You can do it.” This might not be such a great thing about life, but it is crucial to understand that no matter what, no matter how broken you feel and no matter how you don’t want to lead your life anymore, – you will survive this. I know I did, multiple times.

2. Even in the middle of the desert there is an oasis. That said, there are good days and bad days. Rainbow after the rain, sunshine in the grey winter days and whatever you want to call it. Life provides it all and more. In order for us to grow and learn, we are taught every day different things. We are getting the “education” we need to go on with our lives and that’s what the so-called “bad” days are for. But if you start seeing it as a possibility, an opportunity to move forward then maybe it won’t be such a bad day anymore. Good days in turn will be more cherished and appreciated because unfortunately for some, it can’t always be summer.

3. You will succeed. You will learn how to walk and you will learn how to talk that’s for sure. My mom used to say: “You’ve learned how to walk; you will learn how to do the next thing.” And that made more sense than anything else anyone has ever said to me. If a little baby you can learn how to walk, how to talk, then maybe this crazy endeavor you’ve got yourself into now, like learning a new profession or a new language should be a piece of cake. Of course it probably won’t be, but with all the effort and all the hard work, it’s all possible. Don’t you think?

4. Love will find you. Whether you like it or not, it will. If you’re lucky more than once and if you’re really lucky – once and all the way to eternity. Weirdly enough I still believe in that kind of love. It’s rare, I suppose but it exists. Somewhere. Out there. I used to think I’d never have a connection deep enough as the one I had 5 years ago. A cute little story I wrote poems about. But then I had something even more exhilarating and that said it all. Love waits you out sometimes. Till you’re ready or till the other person is ready. And then it rushes through your insides like a storm and you don’t realize you’re in the epicentre until it’s too late. Until that love leaves you and goes to someone else, to swipe someone else off their feet. The hopeful thing is, while you’re all miserable in its absence, it plans its comeback carefully, so that when you’re ripe and ready to open your heart again – it takes your house by surprise and makes you the happiest you’ve ever been.

5. You will stumble and fall. It’s a good thing, yes. People usually perceive it as a failure and don’t necessarily like it. I know I don’t. I don’t like it at all. But what it is is an experience and something that is more than necessary for success and life in general. The more you fall, the faster you will learn how to walk. Walk tall and walk with pride.

6. Life will offer you a variety of paths to choose from. The only thing you’ll have to do is choose yours. It will be no easy thing, it usually isn’t but since there is a way, you’ll find it. Because I found it and because so many people found it before you did.

7. You have more time than you think. Or so they say. This one is tough for me because every year before my birthday I have this identity crisis. I feel like I haven’t done anything meaningful in my life yet, that I basically wasted all these years for hell knows what and I binge on self-pity. My favourite thing in the world, no kidding. Then there will be long hours to persuade myself that I haven’t wasted my entire life just running around the world looking for something that’s been with me all along. And then someone older and supposedly wiser will come up to me and say: “You have all the time in the world. You are young and you’ll have time for all of it.” That and re-evaluating my life, hopes, dreams and goals gets me back on track. Back to running on that stupid wheel like a hamster trying to do it all and have it all and not go cuckoo.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. – William James

That’s what I’ve always been struggling with: finding meaning to it all and embed it in my brain that it is worth it no matter what. And I guess it is. Worth it.

On good days.

On bad days I just try hard to pull through.

Like most of us, humans.

Originally published at thoughtcatalog.com