Over 95% of all Americans alive have shopped online at least once in their lifetime. If you’re a young entrepreneur, you are surely selling something. A well crafted website can be extremely relevant for your success. 

1. A website will act as a product brochure and sell for you. 

Selling was totally different 50 years ago. Our grandfathers had to go from door to door with their brochures and try to convince people to buy from them. It was hard, it was a lengthy process and the costs were immense. 

Right now, you don’t need to go door to door. You need only to let people find you online. Put your “brochure” up on display and people will buy from you. 

Creating a website will enable you to show your products and services to the people. You can update it instantly and you’re also eco-friendly. 

Think of all the trees you save creating a new page for your product instead of printing a new brochure.

2. Your business website is selling 24/7.

You can’t keep a shop open 24/7. The costs are high and many times, you’ll keep it open for hours without a single client coming in. 

A website doesn’t have that problem. You don’t need to be there in order to sell. You can literally make money while you sleep when someone buys from you in the middle of the night. 

Websites are also an amazing source of leads. Instead of cold calling all day, a well made website will deliver you leads for you to read while drinking your morning coffee. 

3. It saves you time.

We’re young and we have allot of time. Yet, with so many activities it’s easy to get distracted and waste it. Or spend time on things that we could automate or delegate. 

A website, if done right, is a life and time saver. 

You don’t need to present your product to everyone or talk to thousands of clients. There have been many businesses where young entrepreneurs have never picked up a phone to talk to a client in person. 

You’re product/service description is there, your prices are and all the info your client needs is present on your website. 

Giving your client the opportunity to learn will decrease the time you need to spend in order to sell!

4. It gives you credibility 

A website is a combination of your business card, portfolio, brochures and many other information materials combined in one. Depending on how you approach it, it can be also a powerful branding tool. 

People will recognize your website and link it with you or your real life business. This will increase trust towards your service and clients will perceive you as a trustworthy service provider. 

Having your own personalized emails helps allot also. People perceive emails like: [email protected] as official. Would you even consider my offers if I would talk to you from [email protected]?

5. You can reach a broader market

A brick-and-mortar business has it’s limits. Being your neighborhood or your city, you can rarely serve an increasing number of clients without opening new stores. 

A website does not have that problem. The same website can serve a client in your city and one 300 miles away. This won’t increase your costs and you don’t have a limit to the number of people that interact with your business in the same time. 

A restaurant can only serve as many clients as they have seats, a website can go on indefinitely. 

6. A website is many times the center of your marketing efforts 

Instagram ads, PPC services or mailing campaigns. In 95% of the time, these marketing methods all have the same goal, getting clients on your website. 

Instagram is awesome, snapchat is amazing. But there is no way (at least for now) to directly sell your services there. You need an end to your funnel, and that is always a website. 

7. It’s not that expensive and you can even get one for free

These days, servers are getting cheaper and domains maintain a steady pricing. 

You can buy a server for your website, a name and a WordPress theme for less than a medium quality watch. Depending on who you choose as your provider, you can get the basic necessities for a website with less than $150. 

The highest share of a website’s price is made out of actual work. You either spend a few weeks trying to learn how you can create a website yourself or you pay a web designer to do it for you. 

A simple website can start from $1000 and go as high as the sky. 

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