Many yoga and meditation groups offer regular satsangs for participants.  Here are 7 great reasons to attend your local monthly satsang.

  1. Enjoy Beneficial Results Faster

If you read my previous article “How I found the discipline for regular Shambhavi Mahamudra yoga practice” you’d know that after being initiated by Sadhguru for the Shambhavi Mahamudra in 2016 I have rarely attended monthly satsang. My husband is usually closing real estate deals on Saturday afternoons and the venue was nowhere home and there was nobody to take the kids I just didn’t bother. 

Looking back now I think that If I had have gone out of my way to attend then my regular discipline of doing the practice would have kicked in much faster.  Naturally the benefits of doing regular practices such as minimisation of stress and anxiety would have been realised faster too.

2. Get Corrections

My monthly satsang is an opportunity for your practice to be corrected by trained instructors. I received a friendly notice to wait behind after practice at Satsang for corrections. I can’t say I really believed the instructor when he told me my legs were bent when they were supposed to be straight. To my surprise when I observed myself during practice at home I realised my left leg was definitely bent, sloppy and having difficulty in stretching – something I’d never have known had the instructor not pointed it out. Had I not attended monthly Satsang I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to improve. I had also been doing one of the breathing practices in the wrong order so I am grateful to have straightened that out too.

3. Deepen your discipline

I can’t explain it and we don’t need to know all the answers, but I feel that whenever I spend time in a group meditation the experience is more powerful. Ideally I would love to meditate with someone else everyday but my husband isn’t yet into it. Strangely the day after meditating with a group I find my meditation to be deeper. Has this happened to you?

4. Meet like-minded people

Spending time with people who are on the same wave length as me is a real joy. I mean, are you likely to discuss the Shambhavi Mahamudra with Becky or Brad in the office lunch room? I’m sure they’re more interested in talking about the latest sports results or some ghastly news event. Taking the opportunity to share experiences with other meditators is a rich experience and monthly satsang offers this.

5. Learn new things

I volunteered to help set up prior to this month’s Satsang and I learned quite a lot! I benefited from a number of aspects including being able to converse with other meditators, learning about how to burn an indian lamp and I was humbled to be present for a Guru Pooja with some of the volunteers prior to the satsang which was a truly beautiful experience.

6. Get updates on activities and opportunities

It was only due to attending the monthly satsang that I found out about the forthcoming arrival of one of one of the women who live at the Ashram in India. She was coming to facilitate a Devi Darshan and a series of Bhairavi Pujas. Had I not attended the monthly satsang I would not have been involved in these activities which turned out to be hugely joyous events.

7. Purchase books / CDS or other items

I don’t know about you but I am a glutton for books and I love to read anything to do with Sadhguru. At this month’s Satsang there was a great variety of books, cds and even rudraksha malas.  Click here to read about “The best Sadhguru books to read now”

Have you attended monthly satsangs with your local meditation or yoga group? Are your experiences different to mine?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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