Happiness is something we all strive for in our daily lives. We want to be happy in different ways whether it is personal happiness from joyful events or happiness from helping others. We want our lives to be rich and fulfilled. One way to live a fulfilled life is to include religion in your everyday life.

1. Happiness

Holidays bring out the best in people and celebrating them at home will help lighten your mood. You could celebrate with a Christmas party, or have one for Ramadan and Kwanza. These parties will draw your friends and family together. You will feel a boost in your mood which will transfer to your home life. A happy person tends to be more productive and energetic. Your happiness will transfer to your family.

2. More Open

People who talk about their religion seem to feel more satisfaction overall. If you are including religion in your home life, you are encouraging people to feel comfortable opening up about their own religions when you are conversing. This creates an environment that is accepting and more open to new ideas. People who feel accepted will most likely be friendlier towards one another.

3. Flexibility

Major religious holidays occur at different times every year. Knowing when these holidays occur and what they entail will further educate you. Being educated makes you a more well-rounded person and someone others will want to be around. If you have neighbors or friends who practice a different religion you should look up their holy days and customs and if appropriate you can take make some of their traditional holiday food and invite them over for dinner.

4. Education

People of different faiths can educate each other when it comes to their religious beliefs. As people hear about different religions and beliefs, they are opening their minds to different practices. Your local synagogue will have lots of materials and Jewish education classes. If you meet someone with a different religious background, ask them questions and be attuned to their answers. Someone with a Buddhist background can talk about their beliefs. Mosques and Churches also have resources. The more religion is discussed, the more open people become.

5. Diversity

Discussing religion promotes diversity. People feel relaxed discussing religion and feel accepted. If you promote diversity you are encouraging people to become friends. Being open and inviting is a great way to meet new people and expand your horizons. If you appear more diverse, you will have no problem with new people. People want to feel included and safe. Diversity promotes inclusion and a feeling of security.

6. Balance

One thing to keep in mind is that there needs to be a balance. Do not promote one religion over the other. Make sure there is equal time for all religious celebrations within your circle.. Instead of putting up a Christmas tree, have a holiday party for your friends that includes all the different religions. If people feel one religion is getting all the attention, they may regress and not discuss their religions as much with you. This could lead to depression and a sense of isolation for that individual and a sense of loss for you. Make sure people understand that they can express multiple beliefs when they are around you.

7. Barriers

While it is important to include religion, this does not include proselytizing. Some people may want to recruit others into their religions. It is important to talk to those people and discuss how this could be deemed as hostile by some. Explain the difference between discussing and recruiting. The sooner you recognize the difference, the happier you and your friends will be.

Including religion at home and amongst your friends can be tricky, but also rewarding. Promoting open-mindedness and diversity will have a positive impact on people. And, in the end, some people may just learn a thing or two about other religions. Openness promotes relaxation and happiness which will show within your circle of friends and the rest of the world.