The majority of us are so busy starting the week saying, “Is it Friday, yet?” that the rest of the week drags because we essentially strapped giant boulders to our legs as we try and “make it through.” Doing this sets the intention the week will be a struggle, and we are not even conscious of it.

However, we don’t have to let this be our routine anymore. We can follow a spiritually invigorating themed week instead, and in doing so, feel energized and revitalized – not only on Friday but on Monday too! Yes, that’s right, I said the bad word – Monday. No longer will we have to have “Manic Mondays.” Let’s spiritually evolve our week and mindset towards something new.

Manifestation Mondays – This is the day where you set the intention – the outlook you seek for the end of the week. When dealing with intention, it’s important to deal in terms of feelings. When phrasing your intention, emotionally charge it with trigger words that fire you up.

“It’s another *$%# Monday,” doesn’t set the right intention, and you will undoubtedly create a “dreaded Monday.” Instead, set the intention that on Friday you will be “refreshed and renewed knowing I have fully contributed and loved openly, listened fully, and experienced all life had to offer.”

Totally different experience already, right? That is a week you want to start! As an artist puts a brush to a blank canvas, so do you at the start of every day.

Thankful Tuesdays – Today is dedicated to find things you are thankful for from the previous day. Trust me, there is always something to be thankful for, whether it’s an interaction with another, an experience, something you witnessed, a smile, etc. Take this experience you are thankful for and feel blessed because now this becomes your outcome of that day. It changes your focal point of the previous day.

Taking it one step further, incorporate this philosophy throughout the rest of the week – until Sunday and then repeat.

Wizardly Wednesdays – This is your power day, as it is the day you realign and affirm you are on target for your intention. It’s the day you get real with yourself and your ability to manifest your day-to-day, moment-to-moment reality, and if you are holding on to “crap” from earlier in the week – it’s time to RELEASE and SURRENDER.

If you are holding on to something ask yourself, “What did I learn?” or “How did this make me better?”

Transcendent Thursdays – This is the day of reflection on the week’s outcomes so far. Look at how you have grown from life’s lessons, and how it has brought you closer to where you want to be. Today, you revel in the gold nuggets you have been collecting since “Thankful Tuesday,” and you sit with them. Notice how you feel as you awaken to the possibility of you.

Fruitful Friday – The tree bares fruit on this day as you experience your intention from Monday come into reality, but do not forget to be present and to continue the process. This is what life can truly be like – free and abundant – as long as your focusyou’re your intentions are pure.

Now, on Friday, you want to truly acknowledge the success of the week and your manifestation skills with a “pat on the back.” Whether you buy yourself lunch, new clothes, or something for the house – treat yourself for a manifestation well done.

Satisfaction Saturday – A free day to experience all you created and to enjoy life knowing you did so. This will continue your “pampering” yourself by allowing yourself to be free and do something you enjoy doing.

Soulful Sunday – Today you give back to the essence of you – your soul. This is a day, where you focus on giving yourself a spiritually fulfilling experience; a walk in the park, meditation on a mountaintop; or attending a sermon or lecture from a spiritual guru. At the end of Sunday, you come into alignment with what you wish to set for the intention the following week.

When you set your week up like this, life is an enjoyable journey, which is intended to be. You sit at the helm, holding the creative license to that which you will become. You’ll notice how much more freedom you’ll experience outside of stress and anxiety.