When the Corona Virus began in Wuhan, China, no one anticipated how much change it would cause in a short time. No one knew about the fear that was going to grip the world and that most people would prefer working from home.

There is a group of people, mainly freelancers who started working from home even before the virus came. A majority of employees found the idea strange and only saw the benefits of working from home after the virus.

So, do employees work better from home, especially during this virus?  Does working from home have any benefits?

Written below are some of the reasons which make employees work better from home.


 No one feels safe walking outside, let alone sitting in a crowded office due to the rapid spread of the Novel Corona Virus.

Most employees have a fear of unknowingly contracting the disease that is currently giving everyone sleepless nights while at the office.

Working from home not only ensures the workers are safe, but it also gives them an increased sense of security.

Most governments and organizations have put in place structures that allow employees to work from home. This arrangement has reduced the spread of the virus, increased the safety of employees, and maintained a high productivity rate.

No Commute

People commuting to their job places spend an average of five to ten hours on the road each week. Working from home reduces to a great extent, the tension that comes with commuting to work because the commuting time gets reduced to seconds.

Time spent moving from the office to an eatery adds to the wastage of time. Employees working from home do not have to worry about going out for lunch or any other breaks.

Flexible schedule

There are two groups of people in the world; one group tends to work better early in the morning, and the other prefers to work late into the night.

Unfortunately, everyone working from an office has to follow an eight to five schedule. Considering the two sets we have seen above, the productivity of those who prefer to work late into the night gets compromised. Similarly, early birds might also not be very productive when they start to work at eight in the morning.

Working from home allows an employee to have the flexibility to choose when they can do better. In the end, the productivity rate of the employees goes higher

Zero Worries on Dressing up

For most people, getting dressed to go to work can be among the top causes of stress in life. While at the office you always have to look the best, the clothes have to get pressed. Sometimes you have to have a particular uniform going to work, which can get so monotonous.

When working from home, you don’t have to worry about what you need to wear. You will only need to show up and start working, with no worries about what your colleagues will think about your dressing.

More Time with Family and Pets

The rush in the world today is so much that people barely spend time together. Most families don’t even get time to be together during meal times anymore.  It doesn’t help that employees have to worry about beating the traffic and getting to the office on time. Most of the time, parents have to leave their children and even pets under the care of others.

Working from home allows most people to spend time with their loved ones. It will enable them to get to know their family members better.

Enough Time to Build on Hobbies

Not only does working from an office make people lose touch with their family, but it also makes them forgo their hobbies.

Having meaningful hobbies is an integral part of a human being. Having a hobby and actively taking part in it, improves to a great extent the wellbeing of a person.

With the time saved by working from home, employees get to have extra time they can spend practicing their hobbies.


Working from home allows employees to save money they would have otherwise spent on public transport or fuel.

Similarly, they also get to save money they would have spent on lunch or snacks.


 No one knows how long the Covid19 Pandemic will be with us. Nonetheless, you have to learn to go on with your lives no matter what happens.

Working from home is one of the best mechanisms you can use to cope with the situation. It is also the best way you can choose to do your little part in stopping the spread of the virus.

Happy times as we all fight this common enemy and enjoy the benefits of working from home.