Sometimes the tiniest action is enough to turn a tough day around, or set you up for success when you’re staring down a packed schedule. Here, 6 reddit users share their simple but effective methods to make any day happier and healthier.

  1. “Do five-minute phone calls with friends and loved ones. Don’t stress out about setting aside an hour of your day to catch up with your sister or best friend. Instead, opt for a quick five-minute call to say hi, ask what’s going on, or wish them luck for an important project or event. A few minutes of casual conversation with someone you care about lifts your spirits without sucking up your time. SheikhSufal

  2. “Try to say, do, or write a positive declaration every day.” BlutNacht

  3. “It’s little but make your bed once you wake up. I first heard this from a speech from retired Navy admiral, William H. McRaven. In his speech he says that in just making your bed, you’ve already accomplished one task for the day and even if you end up having a bad day, at least you go home to a nicely made bed. I love that it’s a simple concept to follow but can really place a positive effect on your day. I think his speech is on youtube and he even made a book called Make Your Bed.”- FlipThatCushion

  4. “Try to respond to people by assuming they mean the best, not the worst.”– Allygory

  5. “Recognize a minor inconvenience for what it is. Minor. Your blood pressure will be a lot lower.”  BaconConnoisseur

  6. “Telling the truth. The more you work on that, the more you start to hold yourself accountable. Makes such a difference.”– Legendoftropes

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