Do you want to make 2020 your most successful, productive and fulfilling year yet?  What would it look like for you to have the life you so desire?  You dream and plan to take your life to the next level at the beginning of the year but by the time January 31st as come around you are back to accepting you did not implement at least one of your goals.  If you are serious about developing an intentional mindset that will help you set and achieve goals for the coming year.  Then you need to be clear about why your goals are even worth achieving in the first place and a vision can help create the goals worth achieving.

These seven steps are practical and strategic that you can implement today to start strong and stay the course for developing an awesome life.

Have a clear vision

First, let’s define vision.  Vision is your big why meaning who you desire to become in the future maybe 5 or 10 years from now, how you want your life to look, what are your accomplishments.  When creating your vision take off all limitations and design your life with nothing holding you back.  Your vision can answer questions like what kind of people would surround you.  What would you want to be known for or what would be your business or career?  How would your family look and interact?  What type of house you live in and the car you drive? 


After you have developed your vision you can begin to backtrack to implement your goals.  If you developed your five-year vision you can then write your yearly goals to reach that vision.  Once your yearly goals are in place you can then write your six months goals.  Then once you have your six months goals in place you can then write your monthly goals, down to your weekly goals, to your daily goals.  Ultimately what you would have in place are goals that you are working on every day to reach your big five-year vision.

Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is important as it will increase your personal accountability.  Your partner will help you stay committed to the goals, vision, and words you have spoken.  They become the person you do not want to let down while helping you uncover red lights and blind spots on your journey.  Your partner can be a friend, colleague, coach, or mentor anyone you can trust and value their feedback.

Persistence and Consistency

Persistence and consistency are key in any vision, goal, or dream.  It has been stated that it takes about 10,000 hours to become a professional in any field of study.  For example, the famous group the Beatles became astonishing musicians because they spent countless hours playing.  As you are taking on your new vision just remember it will take time and effort of doing it deliberately before becoming a part of your life.  Remember nothing happens overnight.


You must become very intentionally in accomplishing your vision.  Every day you want to begin with reading your vision and daily goal.  In doing so you will be placing what needs to be accomplished at the forefront.  By being intentional when things or situations arise that are not aligned with your vision you will easily recognize and know to engage in such activity will not take you to your desired destination.

Spend time with people you admire

It is very important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to greatest.  If you are in a situation where you are the greatest, then you need some different friends.  In aspiring to other’s greatest you can ask them questions like how they got to the level they are at, how do they improve themselves, and why they do what they do.  If you do not know anyone in your immediate circle of friends, you could use autobiographies of people you admire.  I have a friend who admires Jim Rohn so much that I thought he was his personal mentor, but he had never met him but study a lot of his work.


Action is the most important step in making the vision come true.  If YOU are not 100% on board with your vision there is no way any action will follow.  Your vision should be big and maybe even feel uncomfortable but that is perfectly fine just take the leap and start working and figure things out as you go along.

Cynthia Jones is a former Fortune 500 Cybersecurity Analyst turned confidence and life coach. Sign up for free weekly tips on confidence at her website.”