The subject of self care continues to arise in our personal and professional lives, as the line between the two grows blurrier. Like any ritual, it must be conducive with your lifestyle and the more you prioritize these habits, the more likely they are to stick and start working to create a healthier you.

  1. Visualisation

Just as you can’t save for a holiday without a known destination, it can be challenging to take steps towards your personal goals if they are not clearly outlined before you. Curating your checkpoints and capturing your progress in the 2020 diary by Saint Belford will keep you accountable, and there is even a dedicated space in which to schedule self care every day. The art of journaling and diarizing is a self care ritual that can be adopted by all and will set you on course to putting yourself at the top of your to-do list.

2. Meditation

The concept of meditation needs no introduction. It harnesses your presence and encourages the mind to slow down and concentrate on breathing and being aware of the space around you. You would be  forgiven for thinking this can only be done in an incense-infused yoga studio, but the fact is you can meditate wherever you are. Start with 10 minutes of dark stillness before or after work, and if you don’t know how to approach it, there is (of course) meditation apps to help you. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t quiet your mind on your first go, even seasoned yogis have not yet mastered this.

3. Nourishment

Well, you must have known that diet would play a part in matters of self care. How you fuel your body will impact your output in each area of your life. A poor diet will wreak havoc on your body, not to mention impact your productivity levels and mental wellbeing. Start slow with this self care ritual, and commit to starting your morning with a wholesome breakfast like natural yoghurt, grains and fresh fruit.  This can be built out further as your nutrition education unfolds.

4. Set an intention

Set an intention on a Sunday evening to set you up for success during the week. It can be as simple as walk home from work every day this week. Verbalising this intention and writing it in your diary can serve as a healthy reminder and help keep you accountable. Just make sure that you are honestly checking in with yourself and acknowledging your self care intentions. 

5. Movement

Regardless of your fitness level, daily movement should be a priority for all. Self care is not supposed to be a chore but a gift, so make sure this ritual is aligned with your life so it gives you joy. It could be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and making a lap around the block, or even taking the longer and more scenic route to the coffee shop. These simple movements will invigorate your body and the fresh air will clear your mind.

6. Unplug

We’re all guilty of having an unhealthy relationship with our smartphones. The connectivity and convenience it provides can sometimes feel like a noose, prohibiting us from genuine human interaction. No great tragedy came from not responding right away, or checking your feed only three times as opposed to five. Enact a self care ritual of making your bedroom a phone-free zone, so there is no chance of late night scrolling.

7. Treat yourself

There is no need to get into the psychology of the idea we now refer to as “yolo”, but without these stolen moments of spontaneity and delight, life can grow a little grey. Sign up to that floral arrangement class you have long been daydreaming about, or book that indulgent 2 hour pamper package at the boutique spa you have always wanted to try. This self care ritual will keep you feeling shiny, and can be recounted on those days you aren’t feeling your most positive self.

Self care is a mindset, and one that we tend to push to the side as it’s only little old us who misses out. Busy lifestyles and a digital dependance play a part in our removed sense of feeding the mind, body and soul what it needs. Take an afternoon to decide what these self care rituals look like to you, and how you are going to honour them.