Signs you are Not Living the Life you Ought to Live

Life can become a mundane everyday thing where you wake up daily and go about your business without taking time to ponder the life you live. The danger with this routine is that you will never notice if you are living a life beneath your capability. When you don’t realize this, you will go on having this kind of existence until you die.

On the contrary, if you analyze your life often, you will notice your capabilities and set out to live a more amazing life than you currently do. In this article, I am going to show the signs you are living worse than you actually can and also what you can do to live the successful life that you deserve.

1: You resent those that are more successful than you

Are you envious of the people who are doing better than you are in life? This means that you would like to have what they have because you are not satisfied with what you have. It may be somebody more learned than you or with more material things than you have.

You can overcome this problem by pointing out the areas you are lagging and putting more effort into them. You could, for instance, go back to school and further your education which will have you both more educated and eligible for a better job.

2: You are always seeking validation

You crave validation since you don’t believe in yourself, and you feel you are not where you ought to be. For this reason, you want others to validate you so that you can live behind their endorsement. So long as people keep telling you that you are doing great, then you don’t have to do more in your life

You can overcome this by trusting your judgment and setting your standards rather than listening to other people because probably some of those complimenting you live run-of-the-mill lives just like you. You are the only one who can set the right standards for yourself.

3: You are not happy with what you do

If you don’t love what you do with your life, whether it is a job you hold or you run a business, it means you are not living your best life. This also means you are not doing what you love which would give you satisfaction and help you to give it your all.

You can resolve this issue by looking for a job or business that you love and engages you fully. So you love cooking but have been working at a barbershop doing haircuts for kids for the longest time and its killing you? Why don’t you venture into catering and turn your life around?

4: You have no goals

When you live your life with no goals, you cannot reach your maximum potential because you have no target to meet. You will merely be living your life at the same level and will not commit to making it better.

The solution to this problem is to set goals and set out to meet them. When you accomplish one goal, you will then set a higher one and this will see your life getting better as you reach each goal.

5: You are ok with the mediocre life you live

You are so in sync with your below-average life that you don’t even notice you are living it. It doesn’t bother you and according to you, you are doing your best. This is a red flag that you are living a life that is beneath you. A person who is living life at the optimum is never satisfied with life but they are always seeking greater things.

You can overcome becoming content with your average life by trying out new and more challenging goals. Create quiet me times and ask yourself why you are ok with the life you live while you can try harder.

6: Other people tell you

Do your friends and family keep telling you that you can do better? Do they keep asking you what happened to your life? That is a huge sign that you are living below par, and you can live better. The fact that they ask you means they believe in your capability.

To counter this, you should use their belief in you to steer yourself to greater heights. Ask for their advice on what you can do and then try new it out.

Your past achievements were great

Did you do marvelous things in the past that you are proud of and other people cannot stop reminding you about? This is a sign that you are capable of great achievements. You might just have become lax or you might be demoralized to do better.

The best way to go back to your glory days is to believe in yourself and believe you can because you once did. Use your past achievements as inspiration.

The bottom line

Stop being just excited to be alive and have food on your table. Desire to do great things and change, if not the whole world, your world. From time to time, think about the kind of life you live and what you can do to make it better.

If you see the above signs in your life, you should know you are living a less than optimal life. Use the tips you have learnt to make your life as good as it should be by realizing your full potential. Because you have the power and you can. Don’t wait any longer, but start right away by setting new goals.