You may be feeling disconnected or dissatisfied with your job. Is this just a passing phase or is it a warning sign that you may need to find another job? Here are seven signs that you may need to move on from your current position:

1. Dread

Going to work can be a bummer, especially after a holiday weekend or vacation. However, if you are having constant feelings of dread as you commute to your job, it may be time to look elsewhere. You will not be productive or useful to your employer or yourself if you keep working where you feel discontent. Dread is bad for your health, and you want to feel healthy and happy. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, find somewhere that will fill your needs.

2. Unhappiness

Along with dread, you may feel discontent and unhappiness. You only get one life, make sure you are living up to your potential and promise. You probably enjoyed your job at one time. You need to find that inner joy so you can put your best self forward both at work and in other aspects of your life. If your job makes you unhappy, start looking elsewhere.

3. Constant change

Change can be a good thing at a workplace, however, if your company is experiencing employee loss, it may be time to look elsewhere. You may not be the only one who is not happy at work, and others are doing something about it. It is time to prepare your resume, and, before you put your resume out there be sure to check successful resume examples.

4. Restructuring

Companies that occasionally restructure are making sure they are staying up to date with differing business tactics. Companies that are constantly restructuring are sending a very different message. They are floundering and they will do whatever they can to stay in business. You can be part of a sinking ship or bail out and find a more stable work environment.

5. Salary

You work hard and expect to be compensated for your work. You may have been expecting a raise that never appeared, or you were just hoping to be acknowledged financially. If you are not getting paid what you think you deserve, look around and find a company that is willing to increase your salary.

6. Horrible boss

If you have been working well with someone and they got promoted or quit, you may end up working for someone you dislike. If you see this coming, you can start looking elsewhere while the company is getting set to hire the person you do not like. If this is a sudden change, be ready to send out your resume as soon as possible. You do not have to stick around and take what your new boss will be dishing out. Look around and find a better position elsewhere.

7. Advancement

You may have been advancing well in your company, but now you feel like you’ve hit a plateau. If you feel stuck or you feel like you have gotten everything you can out of your position, then find a new, more challenging opportunity.

Once you have decided it is time to leave your job, be sure to brush up your resume and network. Make sure your friends know you are looking for another job, as they may be able to help you. Use your social networks and make sure you are ready to make the change. No one should work where they are not happy most of the time. Get up and move on.