Have you ever seen that movie with Bill Murray called Groundhog Day, where he’s living the same day over and over? Does it sometimes feel like that’s you living the same day over and over at work? If that’s the case your career may have stalled.

These are 7 signs your career may have stalled:

1. You’ve been in the same role for a number of years and you haven’t been promoted

2. It’s been quite a while since you learned something new at work or felt challenged in your role

3. You keep being overlooked for new opportunities

3. People around you have been promoted faster than you

4. The only way you can move up is if your boss retires

5. You dread going to work in the morning

6. Your performance reviews are about how you “meet expectations” and to continue doing what you’re already doing

7. Your not invited to the important meetings you use to be and nobody seeks you out for your advice

If you’re still not sure, Caroline McHugh in her TED talk, The Art of Being Yourself, asks “do you have 15 years experience or one year experienced 15 times?”. If that sounds like you, it’s time to make some changes.

The first step to solving this problem is to stop blaming others and realizing if you want things to change then it’s up to you. You need to change your negative attitude to a positive one of action. Once you’re ready you could:

  • approach your boss about taking on new challenges and opportunities
  • get a coach to help you navigate your way around your career blockers
  • take a leap and change jobs or maybe even your career

Whatever you choose, stop reliving your Groundhog Day. Take a step forward to a positive change in your career.

Originally published at rachelcraze.com