There are so many days in life that everyone wants to celebrate with friends and families. Each moment of the day is very precious. So, spending those moments with all, who mean the most in life, makes the moment memorable for life. Some of such special days are the birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Some other special occasions are Wedding, Promotion, and family get-together.

Cutting a cake is an important event of the celebration. Everyone wants to have the perfect cake for the ceremony. Everyone looks for innovative cake design and flavor for the party. Here are some of the latest flavor that one can explore to celebrate special moments

1. Pink Champagne Cake

The cake is light and delicate. The frosting on the cake is sweet. Presence of Champagne balances the sweetness of the cake and adds the taste of Champagne to it. This cake is perfect for Wedding, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

2. Luscious Lemon Cake

A perfect cake for all those who love the taste of lemon. To bake the cake, add lemon juice to the flour and put lemon curd between thin white layers. Brush the layers with lemon syrup. Ice the whole thing with lemon buttercream frosting. This cake is perfect for summer. The cake is sweet with the crispy sugar coating.

3. Grand Marnier Cake

The cake is flavoured with oranges, almonds, and bursts of chocolates. Syrup of Grand Marnier is brushes between the layer. This adds softness and sponge to the cake so that it melts in the mouth. The Grand Marnier cake is the best fit for any birthday celebrations

4. Chocolate Hazelnut Almond Cake

This cake is nutty and sweet. It has both Hazelnuts and Almonds. It is an amazing combination of chocolates and honey roasted almonds. When the cake is coated with chocolate hazelnut ganache, the taste is amazing. People from all the age groups would love the flavour of the cake.

5. Ginger Spice Cake

This is a moist cake. The cake has warm spices like ground ginger, ground cinnamon, and ground cloves. It has slat and molasses too. This is a fantastic cake of its own. It even does not need frosting. It can also be served as snacks in the party.

6. Coffee and Cream Cake

This cake is perfect for a birthday party. All those who love Coffee and Chocolate, love this cake too. Instant coffee is added to the flour. The cake has whipped cream frosting between the layers and coffee frosting. The mouth-watering taste of coffee with cream will make the deadly combination that will add flavour to the party.

7. Banana Foster Cake

This is a layered cake. It is a cinnamon version of the vanilla cake. This cake has Caramel Cream Cheese Icing and Bananas Foster Topping. The fosters sauce is used in layers and icing. Bananas are used in the layers of the cake and on the top of the cake.

Any of the 7 flavours can add sweet memories to the celebrations of the important event of the life. One should look for a cake shop that can bake the authentic cake with the taste. Online cake shops such as can deliver an authentic cake with great taste. One can try the option and celebrate the occasion with loved ones.