Rayna Campbell
I love working with artists and challenging their beliefs because I believe that our feelings, beliefs, points of view and energetic systems strongly influence our realities. It’s how I navigate my life and career as an artist with great success.

Artists often feel like they have no control over their careers. They blame the economy, their age, their representation, their resume, their lack of confidence in themselves and lack of faith in the industry. 

My response to them is always the same, none of these things are controlling your career, you are. These external things may get you in front of the right people but how many artists do you know with awesome representation and resumes who are still struggling?Aligning your mindset to what you want and deleting the beliefs, fears and trauma’s that are holding you back are the keys to pivoting towards a happy and fulfilling career. 

During the lock-down I worked with a group of artists from all disciplines on my signature program The Career Reboot for Artists and they made some of their biggest breakthroughs during a time when the world was still. Their creativity  and confidence soared, they won film funding, sponsorship for business ventures, booked jobs and long term contracts, received thousands of pounds and dollars, one of the screenwriters working with me even got nominated for a BAFTA, this was all because they decided what they wanted was possible, rather than absorbing the fears and beliefs of the world around them.

So how can artists get out of their own way and start to turn their careers around?.

1. Decide what you want! Deciding is such a powerful choice and choice is your superpower. Once you’ve decided tell yourself you’re having it. The energy of having something is way more potent than wanting or hoping for something.

2. Do you manifest better by writing things down, visualizing scenes of what you want or vocalizing your dreams out loud? Whatever feels better for you, go with that and repeat it daily as long as it feels good. This way you build the momentum of energy of what you want to attract.

3. Feeling good is key. Feeling good raises your energetic vibration which in turn attracts other high vibrating things to you. Make sure you do things that make you feel good throughout the day, it doesn’t always have to be elaborate, it can be simple things like sipping your favorite tea, taking an afternoon nap or burning your favorite aromatherapy oils.

4. Whenever you start doing work on your mindset there is always a period of time I like to call the detox period. The period where nothing seems to be happening or things seem like they’re getting worse even though you’re doing all this positive work. Know that this period doesn’t mean things are not working, it in fact means the opposite.

5. Whenever thoughts come into your mind that contradict what you want, write them down on paper and analyse them. Find evidence for why your negative thoughts might be false by thinking about people similar to you know who are achieving what you want.

6. Try to limit the time you spend around negative influences. There will always be someone or something telling you that what you want is impossible and if you listen for long enough that will soon become your belief too. 

7. And finally, allow things to come to you in their own way. Impatience will energetically trip you up and put you out of alignment so learn to know that what you want is coming to you in a wonderful way.

About Rayna Campbell

Rayna Campbell is an artist and the creator of Flow coaching for Artists, which provides Mindset transformation and Energy alignment for Artists, creatives and performers.

WEBSITE – www.flowcoachingforartists.com