In the early days, web-based technologies and the momentum of social media had led us to believe that a better and happier influencer was one who generated more likes or achieved more engagement among a brand’s target audience. 

As social entrepreneurs, we all strive to have a deep and powerful connection with our audience and to be able to transfer that power to the brands that trust us. We’d like to share some ideas to make your life as an influencer happier and more joyful.

Did you know that, in this digital era, we have set records in depression and overall dissatisfaction?

Did you know that, on average, we spend over 4 hours per day on our smartphones, and that in the case of younger generations, it is an average of over 7 hours?

In recent studies, 50% of influencers admitted to feeling addicted to their smartphones, and over 70% admitted to often feeling distracted because of them.

50% of people sleep with their smartphones next to their beds, and some don’t even turn them off.

Like sea turtles nesting on the ocean shore, we are drawn to the bright lights of our mobile device screens, becoming disoriented as they cause us to lose focus and attention. Recent studies report that the average human’s attention span has dropped to 8 seconds from 12 since the year 2000. (For reference, goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds.) Even more dramatic are the statistics for millennials, where that number has dropped to 4 seconds. It’s been shown that it takes over 10 minutes to bring our attention back to what we were doing prior to the interruption.

The artificial light of electronic screens confuses our brains by signaling for us to stay awake, thinking it may be daytime. This leads to the reduced production of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep and other anxiety issues.

Technology is definitely one of the biggest disrupters of happiness in history, and we need to learn how to live with its complexity – not avoid it. Here are a few tips on how to make it easier for you to spend hours doing what you enjoy for both your audience and your brand.

Use technology to tune in, not zoom out.

1) Let’s Start With Your Posture: 

Place your device at eye level instead of next to your wrist – this way your neck will be straight and neutral. As an upside, your arms will become stronger and you will reduce the possibility of a neck injury.

2) Let’s Protect Our Brain Consolidation Time:

Turn off your cellphone one hour prior to sleep. Turn off all notifications during meals, while enjoying time with your kids or significant other, etc. Give yourself permission to stay focused and present while you set the right tone for you to get better sleep and stay calm throughout the night. By practicing this, you will be able to generate more serotonin and dopamine, which will automatically reduce your stress level, among having other benefits.

3) Let’s Make Stronger Relationships:

Interact more with the people you feel a greater connection with. Instead of giving your time away to engage with each and every one of your followers, give yourself a chance to interact with people to whom you truly feel connected. There are going to be die-hard followers that will take this negatively, but it will ultimately make you appear more authentic. Creating real bonds with people who are special to you, though you will never meet them in person, will make your social media life much more fulfilling.

4) Let’s Be Here Now – Don’t Multitask:

Multi-screen use and multitasking reduces your ability to enjoy each and every moment. Give yourself permission to put down your phone after you make the intro or brief report on your feed, then focus on living and enjoying life. Partner up with a friend so that you can take turns in creating your posts/stories. Collaborating with others brings gives you a chance to still bring the entire experience to your audience while you take some time to enjoy a concert, dinner, or any other event. This allows us to become more productive and focused and more capable of reaching more people in less time.

5) Let’s Celebrate Gratefully:

Although you are used to the common practice of tagging the brand, the PR Agency, or the friend who invited you to the experience or event you are posting about, we should strive for something greater. We should practice our gratitude by writing them a formal letter or sending them a direct message instead. We should find a way to be thankful for our colleagues by simultaneously helping them become relevant to audiences they may not have as much exposure with or by introducing them to people who can improve their profile.

6) Let’s Give Back:

Allowing yourself to dedicate posts, stories, time, and effort to foundations and people in need will give be more rewarding for you than you might imagine. When you give with empathy to a cause that aligns with your principles and beliefs, you are taking a step toward real happiness. You are giving yourself a chance to generate oxytocin and dopamine, which will put you in a better mood while you make an impact on the cause you love. Let’s commit at least 5% of our time and efforts online to supporting those in need.

7) Let’s Savor and Play With Intention:

Each time you post or generate a story, focus first on why and who you are serving by sharing it. Allow yourself to mindfully go over your intentions (you may use the help of meditation or mindfulness apps like Headspace, etc.), so that when you are ready to write your post, you become a promoter of wisdom and good vibes as well as of the brands and products you might simultaneously be selling.

We are all already media, content, and opinion generators. We can use those skills to help this world become a better one. Allow yourselves to use your power and wisdom to make yourselves and others happier, healthier, and better people.

We believe in influencers that are able to teach others that they are capable of becoming better human beings. Allow yourself to be human and live happily before thinking about how many likes your next post might get! 

Always remember that smiles are free and good, so smile more and become a better influencer starting today. 


  • Giancarlo Molero @gmhappiness

    Happiness Innovator and Marketing expert

    Giancarlo is an Innovator, Marketing expert, Sport and Music lover with over 20 years of experience in different ventures along the Americas and Europe. He is an Economist with a Masters in Marketing and a certificated Happiness Coach from the University of California, Berkeley and The Science of Wellbeing at Yale He is Founder at and Co-Founder the World Happiness Summit and partner at He works as a consultant as part of his purpose of improving and making happier others life one step at a time.