I used to think about colleagues, family and friends before making a move that was good for me and my children. A lot. To the point that even if I did what I wanted to anyway, I would torment myself with ‘they will think i’m crazy’.

If you’re doing something amazing to change your life and change the world — OF COURSE you’re crazy!!!

So #1: Accept you’re beautifully crazy. Make peace with it.

#2: Most of the people you have in your mind, don’t have you in their mind. So, in your heart and mind, absolutely release them.

#3: Declutter your social life. Physically and mentally remove negative peers, friends, family from the sphere of influence on your life. None of your most durable plans will work out with all that negative energy.

#4: The biggest hack — no matter what you do, you will still encounter naysayers. Become the version of you who no longer gives a f#ck. Let words slide off your back like slick oil.

#5: Most of us had to go it alone to grow. This is technically #3 but I will hone in on the traveling it alone. Once you declutter, you might very well find yourself feeling alone in your thoughts and dreams. Keep going. No one who blazed a trail was cheered on by any crowd.

#6 Once you’ve departed from the crowd, seek those who embrace your amazing, crazy goals. As strong a woman I think i’ve been, I’ve had to rely on those ahead of me and heal and expand in their love, understanding, greater vision for me, and direction. You need to see how the faithful, powerful, and willful did it, those that took their beating and know what you must not do and do to be more than fine — stunning! Create your tribe. Learn from someone who gets you, who’s been there, and will hold you accountable.

#7 Be prepared to go it alone again — and forgive. Technically I’m looping back to #3 again, but when you’re breaking higher ground there will be more judgement. It will likely be among those who you thought were leaders breaking new ground with or ahead of you. That will be your growing pain to overcome where shock will present you with an opportunity to forgive, confirm you’re so on the right path, and resolve to forge on no matter what. Forgive. That you will be your own saving grace.

Breathing between steps while skiing at Mt. Sima, Yukon

Ultimately, these 7 steps will help you create peace in your life. This is the key to enabling the greater version of you who blazes a trail and hits those amazing, crazy goals. Feeling at peace is exactly where you need to be each step of the way. Trust the process, breathe, take it one step at a time, and the summit is yours.

Originally published at medium.com