Setting clear goals is key to living a fulfilling life, and I believe in a few important steps to get things done:

1. Dream big

It all starts with your dreams—they don’t cost anything, so dream on!

2. Priorities

If you have more than one dream, remember that it’s better to focus your energies, so choose one or two goals.

3. Law of Attraction

Write down your goals, and try to be specific (when possible). For example, if you write about your dream job, don’t forget to mention that you want to have a good relationship with your boss and co-workers! Once you wrote down your goals, you have to spend some time every day visualizing yourself living the life you want, and FEEL the feeling of accomplishment and joy!

4. Set deadlines

Life is busy, and you can get easily distracted by the things around you and fall into procrastination. You will never accomplish anything without deadlines. Set up a calendar for your goals and decide small milestones. This technique will give you discipline and keep you focused.

5. Be positive

The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles—remember this in your journey—and keep your spirit up! There will be disappointments, and you can linger in the sad moment—but NEVER lose hope! After the complaining, and maybe crying over what’s lost, look ahead and rethink your strategy.

6. Find your cheerleaders

In the difficult moments, you will need someone to cheer you up and believe in you. Talk to the people you love about your goal and how much it means to you, make them feel they are part of it and they will be there when you need them—they will remind you how strong you are and become your cheerleaders for life!

7. Be thankful

Never forget to be thankful for what you have already accomplished in life and appreciate the present moment. Even if your goal is important, you can’t just live in the future!