We judge people based on their looks, cars, houses, jobs, and just about anything else. We judge them based on their friends, their family, or even their pets. But why? Why do we do this?

If you’re anything like the old me, you find yourself judging people quite often. Whether you’re questioning someone’s outfit choice or their new career path, it can be hard not to judge someone. However, it is much easier going through life when you don’t feel so envious or the need to judge all the time. 

I’m here to help you overcome your constant state of judging. In order to do this, you need to follow these 7 steps. I started using these seven steps, and I have found myself in a much healthier and happier place. You should do the same!

So, what do you do when you feel yourself judging someone?

  1. Recognize that you are judging.
  2. Take it back.
  3. Send that person love and blessings.
  4. Ask yourself why you are judging.
  5. Lower your ego and listen.
  6. Be grateful for what you have.
  7. Be grateful for what triggered your jealousy and create your own life! 

People typically judge other people because they are jealous or envious of something they have. A lot of the time, people judge others to make themselves feel better. However, if you find the time to stop yourself from judging and you make time to focus on yourself, you will be much happier.

Judgement usually happens as a reflection of what you are missing or what you need to work on, so use it as a lesson.

Life is so much better when you learn to let go of everything that no longer suits you or satisfies you. 

Life is so much better when you learn to be grateful for everything you do have and learn to manifest what you want.

Repeat after me: “I am grateful for living my best life. Judging other people is not part of living my best life! I send love to everyone.”

It can be hard to straighten out your judgy pants, but once you do, you will be much more content with your life. Trust me!