You can’t deny how great mothers are at doing a zillion different things, especially these days… Mama’s got skills! She navigates tricky situations and solves dozens of problems every day! It’s fair to say it’s almost like they have super powers. Here are just a few worth mentioning:

1. X-Ray Vision. Did you ever wonder how your mom knew exactly what you were up to, even without being with you? Somehow a mother knows when her kids are fooling around in their room instead of doing homework. Moms can see through walls, so don’t even try to hide. She’ll find you!

2. Healing. Moms always have just the right remedies to fix up scrapes and cuts in the blink of an eye! They are experts at bringing comfort to children of all sizes. How do they know what to do without having a medical degree? Not sure. It’s one of the great mysteries of life. 

3. Super Strength. There’s an urban legend about a mother who lifts up a car with her bare hands to rescue her child below. Wowza! That’s a pretty incredible story, but other moms can do it too. We’ve all seen moms who can carry a child in one arm, and groceries, baby bag, purse and toys in the other. 

4. Human GPS. Both kids and dads know that “it’s not lost unless mom can’t find it”. Name just about anything that’s missing, and mom will be able to locate it within a fraction of an inch: “It’s in the living room behind the couch, 3rd box from the left, under my limited-edition Elvis records”. So freaky, it’s almost psychic! 

5. Multi-tasking. Mom’s ability to do multiple things at the same time is truly fascinating. She can simultaneously play with her child, cook, throw in a load of laundry, talk on the phone, check emails and organize the family calendar. And best of all, she makes it all look easy. 

6. Lightning Reflexes. One minute everyone is playing at the park, then suddenly mom does a mad dash towards her baby in time to save him from stumbling face-first towards a sharp object. There’s something about her ultra-protective instinct that springs into action when danger is present. 

7. Everlasting Love. When everyone else has given up on you, mom never will. She has the capacity to give countless second chances, encouragement and support. She puts your needs before her own and sees great potential in you. Her love and care give you the confidence to face the world!


  • Jody Swain

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