You desire that lime-light, you yearn that impact, you are attracted to that lifestyle. 

And, you wonder how on Earth could  an “average Sarah” get to that place..

You also have a fear of success. This is at the back of your mind because you’ve seen people who’ve big names, lose on having a fulfilled life. 

You love your personal life, your priority is your family. So, you fear of losing that, if success comes your way.

I’ve good news for you, my gorgeous girlfriend! 

You can have the best of both worlds. 

You surely can. 

Just follow these 7 Steps, and voila! You’ve got the ingredients for that secret sauce… yummm…

Recognize  your Strength-Zone

What does Strengths mean?

It purely means something you are great at doing and you absolutely love it. The field of positive psychology has thrown so much light in the past 5 years, on how strengths can be applied in one’s career, business and how it affects human behaviour. Realising my strengths has changed my life. I started zoning into what I am meant to be doing, along with what energizes me. Ahh.. what a place of freedom it is to be operating in this space. This is the first and foremost ingredient you’d be adding to your saucepan, to make your secret sauce. Multitudes of experts talk about doing what you’re good at. That is a burnout-model according to me. That leads to a crisis. But, when you recognize your Strengths, your game plan is already set on solid grounds to have a strong business and a satisfied  life. 

Realize your Drain-Zone 

When do you enter the Drain-Zone?

I call this Drain-Zone because the activities you do drains you out, even though you’re great at doing it. Let me give you an example. I was working as the Market Research Officer, and my primary role was to do everything “excel sheets”. I was pretty good at my job. But, I was completely empty in energy, mentally, physically and emotionally. Realizing your Drain zone helps you to use that as least as possible. Yes, it’s an important one. 

Point-out your Hate-Zone 

What is the Hate-Zone?

Allow me to tell you what it is. You were probably raised up like me, that if you’re not good at something, you’ve been told that you should spend more time on that. Do you remember that? And, what happened is that, I grumbled my way to each day of doing this “hate-filled job”. I was a marketing administrator in one of my roles in the past. I never understood why I was dreading going to work and also, I sucked at it. I used to feel that I was so dumb that I couldn’t even do basic admin jobs. When I pointed out what my hate-zone is when I understood that, I do not have to be an all-rounder. Rather, success comes from mastering that strength that I absolutely love. You’d be super-productive and laser focused when you discover these zones for yourself. 

Scribe your Brain waves away

Where are your Brain waves?

Brain waves are your thoughts. Your thoughts are real. I’m sure you know this already. They are powerful. They decide the destiny of your business, and everything in your life, in fact. When you brave yourself to put those brain-waves to paper, you’ll have light-bulb moments like never before. The flow I receive from scribing each day, as a part of my success-routine, is priceless. The untold fact is that, when you scribe, your inner-critic has a real opportunity to express himself or herself. This paves the way for balancing success and fulfilment. 

Make simple palm-sized To-Do Lists 

Why palm-sized?

I am committed to doing market research, and it’s evident that any To-do list bigger than the size of your palm is not realistic to achieve. When you have a long list of things to do, you’re setting yourself up to fail and be drained down, rather than gear yourself up for success. Forget a fulfilled life, when you’ve counteracted in self-sabotage. Yes, the size of your To-do list sets the tone of that delicate balance of success and fulfilment you’re desiring for. 

Unplug from all your desires

Why unplug?

When you’ve done all that you can do for your business to flourish forward, you need to do something counter-intuitive. That is, unplug from your goals and plans. Yeah. True thing. From my journey of Entrepreneurship, I’ve realised that hustling does not give me better results. Rather, intentional results-based strategy does. When I unplug, I found that I am giving a chance to re-fill my cup, so I can run over into my tribe’s business, with fresh perspective and approaches. 

Plug into your heart-beat

Where should I plug into then?

This is the last ingredient that sets your secret sauce to be super-delicious and unique from everyone else’s. I plug into everything my heart ‘really’ beats for: my selfcare, my marriage, my family, my friends, and my hobbies. Yes, this is where my energy is recharged for my tomorrow, for my next program or even for my next season of my business scale-up. Your heartbeat could be totally different to mine. But, when you plug into your heartbeat, it truly puts you in that place of passion, unending drive and contagious zest. 

These 7 parts make up my secret sauce to showing up from that place of success in business +fulfilment in life. Discovering what each of these parts represent to you, and unpacking how to implement into your daily makes all the difference. Even though it’s not rocket-science, it sure is science that you can replicate to be a successful yet happy Entrepreneur. 

This helped me and is still helping me to be grounded in my values, to serve my clients each day with the same passion, and to be happy while I’m building my empire to help women build sustainable businesses, using their expertise. 


Lydia Binil 

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