7 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

In the current new-age that we live in, the concept of marriages and weddings is not the same anymore. Even though the traditions are the same and followed diligently, the dynamics are different. Moreover, there has been a huge change in the way couples pursue their marriage relationship. There is an increase in working wives and mothers, nuclear families, long-distance marriages, and separately staying couples. These complexities further make it difficult for couples to manage their marriages. Due to this reason, there is a constant increase in the divorce cases and couples are separating from their partners. Therefore, it becomes very important to discuss various marriage dynamics with each other for enjoying a happy married life. 

If you are planning to get married to the love of your life or have started thinking about marriage, then this would be a very exciting time for yourself. But instead of blindly getting married, make sure that you discuss the below points with your would-be so that you can easily manage any hiccups in the future:

Work-Life Balance: 

You as a couple must discuss your workday schedules, work environment, work opportunities, etc. to understand each other’s job demands. It is very important that you both get comfortable with the working hours and work pressure of your jobs. A better understanding here will help you in adjusting your marriage life and any trust issues or insecurities arising due to work-related trouble can be easily managed. 

Health and Expectations: 

Being healthy is important for a happy marriage. Hence have a candid discussion with your spouse about any allergies, ailments, mental health history, stress issues, previous surgeries, etc. Related to your sexual health discuss issues like Shighrapatan, dry vagina, etc. that could lead to an unsatisfactory life. You should also discuss sexual preferences, fears, contraceptive measures, etc. that you or your spouse wish to take in the short term period. And above all, take treatments whenever necessary. For example, if you are suffering from PE, take shighrapatan medicine, if you are suffering from dry vagina, consult the doctor. These issues if not worked upon, can cause big issues in your marriage life.


The couples should discuss having children between themselves without allowing any third-party interferences. It could so happen that you would want children but your souse doesn’t. Moreover, you should also have an idea about a tentative time when you both would want to have a child. If both of your views are a mismatch, then it will be difficult to stay happy in the marriage. Family planning is a crucial part, don’t ignore it.

Expenditure & Money: 

Rare Dollar Two Bill Money

Discuss all of the finances that would be spent on the marriage or wedding. Make sure to define the expenses based on the practical financial status of both the families. Post-marriage expenditure should also be planned and discussed so that you can make the right investments and enjoy good vacation breaks at the same time. Proper financial planning is a must to avoid any future disturbances related to money. Read here why it is highly important.

Quality time together: 

Living together before marriage is a great option to know your spouse and to test your compatibility together. You will get to learn about both the good and bad habits like the morning routine, cleanliness, etc. of your partner. If due to some reason you both are unable to stay together, you should try spending more time on the weekends. Make the most out of the time you have together before marriage.

Go on a trip: 

Travelling together is a good way of improving your compatibility with your partner. Both of you will be handling stressful situations that will give you good insights about how as an individual your spouse approaches a problem. So book an impromptu trip and take your spouse to a good resort to spend quality time together. The more time you spend together, the stronger your bond becomes and lays a good foundation for a happy marriage.

Have an argument: 

It is important to see the angry side of your spouse to understand how they cope with it. you will also get an idea of how to handle your spouse when they are in an angry or a tense situation so that the matter doesn’t go out of hand. This will help you in tackling future arguments with ease.

You need to know your spouse before getting into the bond called marriage. Following the above-mentioned points will give you a glimpse of your future married life and you will learn a lot on how to handle it.


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