We began the Aquarian age just 7 years ago, but things have been evolving so fast that it now feels like we are already in another century. From the stone age to the iron, bronze and then Piscean Age, a lot has been invented and it sure did help us easily get through the times we felt were hard. But since we are rolling in an age that is so fast, it feels like a lot still needs to be created. Already there have been inventions such as super-fast internet, robots that can do almost anything yet still we yearn for more things that can make our life easy and more interesting.

Half of these things I so much want to have, and the rest of them, I know someone, somewhere desires them.

A vaccine against every disease

Think about it! How many hours, days, years have you spent in the hospital either getting treated or just seeing a Doctor? Wouldn’t it be amazing to just not ever fall sick or need to get checked? The vaccine that does this, I know will be discovered one day, even if I might be gone by the time the discovery is made but for the rest that will be here, what a huge relief it will bring!

Two-wheel, gasless or flying cars

Doesn’t it just suck to get stuck in a traffic jam? But what causes traffic jam? It’s the four-wheel monsters that take up all the road space and cause every other monster of their kind to move as if they are walking down the aisle.

If we created flying cars or 2 wheel cars or cars that take up space as small as a horse, then we would cut traffic jam 3 or more times.

But of course, the problem would become that the cars are too small to carry as many people.

Which brings me to another idea. Let’s leave the two-wheeled cars to dominate the roads and then create medium sized and huge ones that can fly!

Oh, how lovely life would be flying over town to work every day or driving through on a two-wheel car as fast as a cheater and making it to your work in as little as 3 minutes!

Waterproof books

Just imagine laying on your float in the middle of the pool, sipping on your reusable straw trying to get the best of your favourite drink while reading your latest book catch and not worrying whether your book falls in water or not.

That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I don’t know whether our book production buddies have thought of creating waterproof books but this would be a gift well received by book lovers.

No battery gadgets

You are in the middle of an important video call, maybe as important as a potential job interview. You didn’t know it was coming until 20 minutes ago, when the hiring Manager sent you a quick notice. You are on a remote Island where you went to sink up in nature. You are wearing your best relaxation outfit, maybe pyjamas and you carried your vegetable brush and charcoal tooth powder because you just want to connect with nature but 5 hours ago, the power went off and you already used up your power bank’s reserve while browsing and listening to music.

If we could all share the many times, low or no battery cost us, we could go all year and that makes me think, someone really needs to invent battery-free gadgets, especially for our phones and laptops.

Pet translators

With all the love, we express and share with our pets, it is surely sad that we don’t get to understand what they tell us.

A pet translator may seem a crazy inventory but if there was one, petmaniacs would be the happiest people.

Peace of mind

Even though there are a lot of peace giving activities out there-they are short term. Mindset coaches may tell you to meditate, pray, dance, declutter, exercise, paint or do several other things that bring peace and yes you will feel some sort of relief but many times it doesn’t last.

The human mind is filled with goals, dreams, adventures and a lot of other stuff which keeps it worried and a bit hard for it to settle down and not be troubled. Even though a person’s problem is to clear a house mortgage, when they finally achieve it, they start to think about how to maintain the house and through that, worry returns to their mind again.

Is there a way we can maintain absolute peace and satisfaction?

A future predictor

Yes, we can predict the weather, and other few things but what if we could really get into the future of our lives and predict exactly what’s going to happen to us?

I know religious books tell some predictions and so do some necromancers but most of these are not specific to a person.

Could we get an app or some weirdo gadget that accurately predicts our future?

Maybe if we knew what lays ahead, we could make better choices, be nicer to each other and just live a more careful life.

Qn: What are some of those things that you wish if invented now would make your life a lot easier?

Let’s take the conversation to the comments!


  • Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi

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