The longer you guys knowing each other- the more relationship milestones you’ve reached together- meeting each other parents, saying “I love you” and planning future together are the part of a healthy relationship. And, living together before marriage can change your overall lifestyle. In theory, there would be no personal space, ending sleepovers, no more secrets, you get to know each other hidden quirks and so on.

Living together is a huge step, which is solemnly increasing in young couples. According to Pew Research trust, the ratio of Millenial couples is cohabitating, every year.

It’s good those couples who are moving in together and living happily and moving towards their dreams, but what about those couples who plan to live a healthy relationship but end up heartbroken. Is moving along seriously a good option? No matter how much you love your partner, everyone wants personal space and a right bank balance. So, couples who are planning to move in, first ask why you want to live together?

If you are on the same path, wish to convert dreams into reality, honest and feel genuinely ready to intertwine lives together, then don’t wait any longer sign the new lease with your love.

Considering all the chances, there are ups and downs here are the few things which every couple be aware of before taking the big step.

Do you have other reasons for moving in together?

Besides the of course advantages of money and convenience, do you have any good reason for shifting with your partner? The thing is money come and go? What if your partner is less financially stable? Will you ask them for splitting bills and rent?

What if the convenience go, will there be any reason to stay together? Are you strong enough to handle the pressure of yours and your partner alone, if not then, you will run off or what you will do?

Well, these are the general questions which you should ask yourselves and each other before signing the love of contract.

You have to talk about money:

Well, this is important to discuss with your partner, after all, you are going to live together.

Both of you have to come to a valid point in the case of money, rent and bills. Whether he is moving into your apartment or you are or you both shifting to a new residence. In this case, you both have to be strong enough to pay for the residential mortgage and all, which means you have to split the bills and rents – so talk to your partner and settle an agreement.

Soon you’ll discover new quirky habits:

Moving in together is a good option if you have initially decided to marry. Otherwise, you’ll end up broken, because once you moved in with your love, sooner you will get to see they’re not so knowing weird habits like their cleaning habits, how they spent and all other little details which might not be suitable for your future.

Discuss the household’s chores?

So, before you come to know about the incompatibility discus this point. Though it sounds hilarious, but don’t overlook this condition.

The couples who take the household stuff lightly would end up whopping. Divide the household work genuinely, like who will do the dishes, who do the cleaning, laundry and all.

If you follow this rule, you move one step ahead of a relationship.

Whose stuff stays and who’s goes?

Apparently, if you guys are moving-in-together, then you have to decide whose furniture will stay and whose opt out?

Well, one of the simplest ways to do so is that go shopping and rent out the new furniture that suits both of your styles.

This also gives, a compliment to your new home.

Does our individual life changes?

When you have your own personal space, you are pretty much free to do anything, you can sleep at any time, who can go out, and you can watch whatever you want to watch, you are like a free bird. But, the things changes, when you move in together. From the lifestyle to eating habits.

Don’t forget the date nights.

When you are living apart, you both make adjustments to schedules to spend time together.

Your go on dinner dates, surprise each other, send love notes with beautiful flower bouquets, travel to distinct places and do all lovey-dovey things.

But, the things change once you moved in together.

Since, you know you will see your partner at the end of the date, so you stop making efforts and surprising each other.

Note: Don’t let the moving in together be the death of your romance.

Never stop surprising your partner, go on vacations, present lovely gifts and take time from busy schedules to go on a romantic date night.

Are you ready?

Don’t let the moving in effect your finance and dreams. You both have needs which you want to get fulfilled at the end of the day, so, is moving in the solution or you both want physical satisfaction. If sex you both want than living together is not a good choice, it distracted you and laid you down.

When you both are ready and willing to give your relationship a name ‘wedding’ then moving in together would be an ideal choice.

Moving in together is a huge step and an even more significant responsibility.

So before you do, seriously ask yourself, should we move in together?