Are you a fan or a follower? Have you seen it? Have you seen the Smith family taking social media by storm? Even if you’re not on social media, you can’t miss it. They’re everywhere. Pull up your favorite news site. You see them. Turn on your favorite entertainment show. You see them. Actually watch the commercials that air during shows and yup, they’re there too. So what have we learned from this viral explosion that has darn near broke the internet?

Here’s seven things that I’ve peeped from the outside looking in:

1. Family

Plain and simple, the Smiths are about family. From Jada’s three generational Red Table Talk to the bonus son Tre, Will’s son from his first marriage, and the special relationship with Tre’s mom, family is a central theme of conversation and it has opened the doors for a plethora of other families to have much needed conversations.

2. Fun

You cannot think or even look at Will Smith and not think fun or funny. Something is coming out that is going to make you laugh. Isn’t that what life all about is doing what you love and having fun in the process? I think Will has that mastered. Find the fun in what you do daily.

3. Healing

In case you missed it, healing has been a central theme in several of the posts by both Will and Jada and a common theme amongst Red Table Talk episodes. Not to make this a Black thing as healing is needed within all races, but there are some things that African-Americans have suffered and traumas within our history and our families that must be addressed. Putting the issues on the table and dealing with them has been spot on for the Smiths.

4. Marriage

I would have saved the best for last but let’s get right to this. When you are bold enough to say to millions of people that you were failing in your marriage, yeah that part, and how you cried many days because you were not happy in a marriage, as a couple that seemed to have it all, you gained the respect of even the strongest doubters of being real people. Marriage is hard work even if you’re not in Hollywood. And when you are, it’s double the work with the whole world looking.  Learn to be open and honest and never lose yourself to your mate.

5. Brand

While many of us watch gurus daily telling you what a brand is or how to create a brand, Will and Jada have done that individually and collectively. Sometimes when you think of brand you think of Doritos or Tesla. Brands in the 21st Century have become more about lifestyle. With the addition of social media, how you live your life is your brand. What you say and do is your brand. How you dress is your brand. What you share is your brand. Who you associate with is your brand. What you do for a living is your brand. The Smith’s continue to expand their brand with engaging projects. We all have a brand that is representative of ourselves.

6. Aging

Who doesn’t worry about getting older? Changing your diet and working out becomes more of important with every year of life. Washboard abs for the 40+ crowd and skin that’s like butter even for Jada’s mother has us all asking what’s the secret? But nothing tops the adventures of Willard as he defies planes, trains and automobiles and even bridges despite being close to half a century. Age ain’t nothing but a number when doing it Big Willy Style.

7. Commitment

How can we change the world? We have to be committed to making it better for our children, for our extended families, for our neighbors, for our grandchildren and for people we don’t even know. Will and Jada have committed to do that and are bringing us along for the ride to be inspired to get in where we fit in. We all should be committed to causes in which we are passionate. Even if we don’t post it on social media.


  • Jenny Triplett

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