Somehow, you got it in your head that one day, you were going to get to a place where you would sit back and realize you’d achieved success. The way we talk about success makes it seem as if once you get there, the journey stops.

But, it’s lifelong. It’s filled with peaks and valleys. And a valley doesn’t mean you’re not on the right path. Success is an unpredictable journey, one you are going to have to face with perseverance, resilience, and enthusiasm.

During this trip, you’ve got to know:

1. You will want to quit. People don’t succeed simply because they have more talent. They succeed because they refuse to quit. This doesn’t mean they don’t feel like it sometimes. The journey is painful and lonely some days. It’s natural to feel this way. Part of success is developing the fortitude to push through this.

2. Sometimes you will feel lost or not enough. These feelings aren’t relegated to the weak. Everyone feels uncertain at some point because inevitably, success requires you to do things you haven’t done before. It requires you to take on ideas and actions you are not even sure will work. So, there are days where you will wonder, “Why me?” or “What the heck am I doing?”

Some of these lost feelings come on the heels of comparison.

3. You will be tempted to compare your journey to others. You will see others who you perceive to be more successful or who look like they have it all together. You will be tempted to compare your life to theirs or use their success timeline as a measuring stick for your own. It’s easy to say, “don’t fall into that trap.” But, don’t.

4. You’re going to feel some pain. It’s going to hurt. But pain is filled with potential. Every painful moment comes with the opportunity for success. Because you know the pain is inevitable, choose to embrace it as a necessary part of the journey. With soreness, your muscles don’t grow. You can’t climb the mountain to the top with soft hands. You’ll need to develop calluses. That comes with some pain.

5. People will discourage you. Well, they will attempt to do it. Your drive towards success will make them uncomfortable. Sure, some of it will come clothed as ‘advice’ or a ‘word from the wise’. But, when you hear ‘that has never worked’ or ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘no one has ever,’ those trigger phrases should tell you who they are. Comfort is soothing and doesn’t want to be disrupted. Your drive for success disrupts the comfort continuum of those around you, and you will hear attempts to derail your train. Learn to recognize this for what it is and keep on going.

If you do this,

6. Your relationships will change. Some people will begin to seem small to you because they refuse to grow. They will remain stuck in complain-mode, and your refusal to stay there will anger them. You will find less and less to in common with some people, and they will accuse you of becoming snobby. They will talk about you say how much you have changed. They are telling the truth. You have. They meant it as an insult. But, instead, they are revealing their unwillingness to grow. Don’t feel guilty about this. If this doesn’t happen, chances are, you’re not growing either.

7. Sometimes, things will break. You’re going to fail. In your head, it will seem like a disaster. This internal image is what keeps most from pushing forward. The in-head video appears like Armageddon, and we fear the humiliation and criticism which follows.

However, risk-taking is an essential part of the journey. At some point, you must JUMP. Someone will whisper Humpty-Dumpty’s story in your ear. But, you just might have to pick up the pieces and start all over again.

Remember this. Risk and failure are how you forge new paths. It’s extremely rare to discover the right path without having made a few missteps and wrong turns along the way.

Ultimately, it’s going to be ok. This is what you must hold on to. As long as you keep pushing forward, it will be all right. You will feel resistance every step of the way. But, when you are given an idea, it becomes your responsibility to explore it. Exploring the idea isn’t for you. It is for the world. This is how you create change and impact. We are all connected, and your decision to act will influence the life of someone else. That’s what it means to have purpose. You live for something greater than yourself.

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