Do you find your job all stress and no fun? Are you considering a career change, but you fear that the change might not be the right decision for you? 

We have listed the most important things to consider before you switch your career;

1. Evaluate Why You Wish to Change Careers: 

Don’t give up on your old career just like that. You have invested time and energy to create an image of yourself in this field hence if you plan to quit you need to be absolutely sure of it. Figure out if you have job satisfaction in working for the current field. If yes, think twice before switching career.

2. Find Career Alternatives:

Search for alternative career options which resonates with your passion and core values. Discuss with your family and friends about the various career options available. They might be able to make you see things clearer.

3. Check for Job Availability:

It is not just enough to decide on a career. You also need to figure out if it is really worth the effort to try this new career if it does not pay well or there are not much job options. You need a job for your livelihood hence it is very important that you pay special attention to this attribute.

4. Find a Personal Contact in that Field of Work:

If you have chosen a career which is completely different from what you have been doing, then you will be considered as a fresher in the job hence it is preferable if you have contacts inside the industry. Try to connect to old acquaintances through LinkedIn who work in the same field and they can help you further with your career.

5. Experiment for a Short Time:

If you want to be absolutely sure if you like the new career, start by freelancing first or take an internship. this will make it clear if you really love this career or you should stick to your current career.

6. Upgrade Your Skills. 

The best way to get into a new career is by upgrading your skills first. Join a certification course or training so that you are prepared and more informed about the new job you are seeking out for.

7. Consider a New Role in the Same Industry.

If you really wish to switch careers, shifting to a new role in the same industry would work in your favor as your previous experience will also count if you apply for jobs in the same industry. For e.g. you are a web analytics expert working for clients who understand the importance of web analytics to develop their business, you can shift to becoming a Social Media Marketer as your analytics experience has enhanced your knowledge about social media. Your past work experience can be a bonus to this new job of yours.

Once you have considered all your career options and have finalized the one which suits you the best, start applying for jobs on portals. Switching to a career you love will always give you work satisfaction and improve your productivity as what you love to do never feels like work.