No matter how much you complain about your girlfriend’s mood swings, no matter how many times you got irked by her indecisiveness at the shopping mall, you got to accept she is the only person you count on when you need someone by your side. Whether you are down in dumps after a hectic day at work or got into a tough zone with your best friend, your girlfriend will always stay around you, console you and give you the much-needed love on all your gloomy days.

But it doesn’t go one way. There are countless times when you have done things and won her heart too. There are some indelible expressions of love that still make her smile. Wondering what those are? Here are 7 such gestures that you did and never realized that they won her heart for good:

1. When You Sent Her A Long Love Text

It told her that no matter what, she is always in your mind. While she was having a mundane day, your long text added a rainbow to her rainy day. Make sure you surprise her with your cute messages every now and then because she loves it.

2. When You Cooked For Her

It’s not every day that people make efforts to exhibit their love and when they do, it comes as a sweet surprise. Remember the day when you cooked something special exclusively for her? That made a perfect meal for her and it made her believe you are always there to comfort her.

3. When You Wore Her Favourite Outfit

It brought a smile on her face when she found you wearing what she likes on you. Even though you did not like it much but you did it just for her and it set her heart leaping. She went head over heels to find her man dressed well just for her.

4. When You Kissed Her Forehead

The forehead kiss is the best kind of kiss that assures the girl that you are there for her at all times. So each time you kissed her forehead, it told her she is special. You care for her and would always do. This is one sure shot way to make her feel protected.

5. When You Surprised Her

Not every day in the relationship is celebrated. The day you celebrated the day by ordering cake online for her, it told her that no matter what, the distance shall never come in between you two. You curbed the distance by surprising her with something sweet and it definitely gave her one of the biggest bliss of life.

6. When You Planned A Candlelight Dinner

She did not have any idea that you are about to do something so thoughtful for her but you did. From lighting the candles to planning the meal, decorating the place and setting the environment for her, you did each bit to make her happy and you were definitely successful.

7. When You Took A Stand

Whether it was in front of her or behind her back, you never listened to anything wrong against her. You always took her side and defended her when anyone said anything against her. For all these times when you’ve stood by her side like she has, you laid a brick for strengthening the relationship.

With these romantic gestures, you have won her heart and know that you always will. They have always worked like a charm!