Have you ever been on the open road, driving while singing loudly with your friends and feeling cold breeze in your hair? Well, it’s such a wonderful feeling. Luckily, it’s the perfect time of the year to have a road trip with your dear ones. However, we get super excited about making incredible memories that we usually overlook our health state. Just to make sure that you take care of your health and don’t get sick on a road trip, I have come up with some great tips.

1 – Pack Healthy Snacks  

 Whether you are traveling to another city or another country, finding healthy food is always the issue. Pack healthy and easy-to-eat snacks on a road trip to stay healthy and active. Fill a cooler with cool packs and fill it with yogurt cups, fresh fruit, string cheese, cut-up hummus and veggies, homemade granola bars, and healthy trail mix. You can also bring dried seaweed snacks, nuts, and preservative-free meat jerky. This way your body will get the regular amount of protein and other nutrients. Also, you won’t have to eat at an unhygienic restaurant or eatery.

2 – Bring Water 

There is no better drink than water. Don’t forget to bring reusable (BPA-free) water bottles. Whenever you take a break and stop at a spot, make sure to fill them up with clean water. If overnight hotels/lodgings provide a freezer, place water bottles in it for ice-cold H2O for the next day. It is better not to bring soda and sweet drinks like coffee, it may cause dehydration.

3 – Take Power Naps 

One of the issues of going on a road trip is lack of sleep. A doctor recommends sleeping 8 hours in a day to stay healthy. If you feel sleepy behind the wheel, you should ask your travel partner to drive while you take a power nap.

And yes, make sure to choose a vehicle with comfortable seats and fine space so you can have a peaceful sleep in the back. Nissan Rogue is the perfect car for a road trip which comes with bigger space and provides you the smoothest ride.

4 – Protect Your Eyes and Skin  

Always bring an SPF to protect your skin from sun rays. It’s good to enjoy the sun a little as it provides Vitamin C to the body. On the other hand, one must avoid too many rays as it causes skin damage and premature aging. Moreover, make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. In fact, it will make you look as well.

5 – Keep Taking Stops 

When making a road trip schedule, add time duration for taking breaks. Stop frequently and get out of the car every now and then in a day. Sitting in a car constantly makes you feel more tired and less active. Take a break to stretch your legs, shoulders, and neck. In fact, if you are heading toward a national park or other hiking terrains, consider making stops for a short time period and walk in the woods to admire nature.

6 – Choose Clothes Wisely 

It’s all fun and games until you start feeling uncomfortable in that tight top and snug shorts. It’s good to dress this way for a few hours but when you are on a road trip, you need to be smart about clothing. Choose light layers and loose clothes to prevent heating and aid circulation. Whatever you wear, just make sure that it’s according to the weather and you don’t start feeling uncomfortable after a few hours.

7 – Be Flexible 

Most people make a strict schedule and never get out of it. The good part is they reach the destination on time. But do you know the bad part? They miss out on so many things without even realizing. When making your road trip schedule, make some time for sightseeing and exploration. Visit the farmer’s market, discover the hidden waterfall, check out the famous museum etc. It will definitely brighten your mood and make you feel happier.