Are you aware that how you react determine the way people feel about you? If your behavior seems like an open book, it is important you learn how to compose the person you reflect to others. Never allow those around you to know your weak point. Many times people use others weaknesses to their advantage.

Most important is to know how to balance your life with a lot of soberness. If you lack confidence in life, you may end up feeling so lonely, unloved and all sorts of bad feelings. Being able to drive your point home is one of the key features in life.

Many are the times you find yourself struggling to fit in the society. It becomes embarrassing to know what you intend to say, but you don’t have the courage to utter a single word. The worst case scenario is when the others expect your view and you go mute.

As an individual it calls for self assessment and re-evaluation to be able to understand what you want. When you are struggling to boost the confidence in you, set the goals right. Be ready to change how you react and feel about different situations.

Life sometimes can be unfair if you too are not keen. The most important way out is to realize how good and confident you are. How do you ensure you boost the inner you? There is no one who can measure what being confidence is. This is a decision as an individual you will have to take.

Absence of confidence in life means that you can’t be able to express yourself. You understand what is good and need to be done but you don’t have exact words to use. A point when you feel so much pain and shame. Don’t be sad all is not lost.

To stand out in the crowd you need the following 7 tips;

1. Say ‘as it is’

If you have identified a problem or a solution, deliver it in the right way. No sugar coating is needed for you to be able to have a say. Open up and mind every word you utter.

Don’t try to please some people in saying what they want to hear. Deliver the message with so much confidence and if possible avoid direct contacts. This will ensure you won’t be able to get any form of confusion along the way.

2. Speak your mind

Sometimes this feel like participating in a debate and you give a point that makes the audience applaud. Say what you think at the moment. Don’t feel ashamed of how your point will be taken. Who knows? Your point maybe the solution being sort after.

Leave no room for regrets as to why you never shared how you were thinking. Your point may not be taken into consideration at that time, but maybe later it will be of help.

3. Don’t fear

Fear kills dreams and development. In order to be successful, you need to let go of any fear that tiptoe from inside. At times it feels normal to fear. Be open and honest with people around you and the outcome will be gods. Learn the art of mastering the feelings that you are shaken and put the necessary controls.

Even when the situation at hand is unknown, learn how to control your feelings. Control those voices whispering to you it is not well by keeping yourself busy all the time. Do what you are confident with and be careful how you handle issues.

4. Conquer yourself

Unless you believe in yourself, you can’t win any battle. The people who go for war are normally armed and ready. As a person you need to be armed with enough arrows to win the battle.

Never allow any challenge overweigh you. Instead, maintain focus and remind the inner self it can never get to worst. Retain the vigor and talk to yourself and make a promise it can only get better.

5. Believe in what you say

When you are not sure of what you are saying, keep quite. There is a saying that silence is never misquoted. It is better you keep quite than remove all doubts when you talk. Guard your tongue and be firm in giving information.

If you are not sure about it, don’t share. Make sure whatever you are advising others to do, you have tried, and it works. In case it is not so, you will end up being more weak if the outcomes are bad.

6. Avoid negative talks

Take in to heart what you want to achieve. You want a bolder person. You can only work this out when you remind yourself you are strong and up to the game.

Accept all the challenges that come your way with a lot of positivity. You can’t be your friend and enemy at the same time. You have to be the referee and the player of your own game. Build and boost your personality positively.

7. Connect with your Creator

We are all created in the image and likeness of God. He who made heaven and earth knows every corner of your body. He has used the clay molded you to become whom you are.

In case you feel the clay used was not enough or was too much on one side of you, talk to Him. Learn to give your worries to Him alone and you will be fine. Don’t save your treasures where the moth can eat them.

In addition, be firm in all the decision you make. Don’t change because people around you are changing or the environment is not safe. Be persistent in what you are doing.

The confidence you are longing to have is in you. Go for it. Just like in a race, aim for the top price. Set your pace well and be in-charge of your progress. Mark every step you make and shine beyond average. Eat healthy food and take care of yourself.

Do to others what you want done to you. Also, ensure you associate yourself with good people. People who tell you rise and shine and you are a winner. Eventually lack of confidence will be an event of the past.