This can happen for several reasons a large percentage of them include a failed relationship after several years with that person, where not only cut with the person but also with friends and another environment, you may need to start from scratch there.

It is also possible that you have had more or less serious problems in your life and now you want to start again doing a clean slate, invent a clean story where you are not judged by your past.

Starting from scratch is possible

Anyway, we have some tricks that could help you at least to try to build a future starting from a new beginning so that you are who you want to be and so if you have made this decision to start again at least be more bearable with these tips. And remember that this is not achieved over-night; it takes a while to start over from scratch, so do it calmly and step by step.

1 Study something new or start a new job

Starting a new career, studying a trade or that language you always wanted to learn is a good way to start your new life. In addition, you will begin to meet new people immediately by killing two birds with one stone. You can opt for the possibility of leaving your work to start something that fills you more; it is also a good way to start from scratch and change of scenery.

2 Get a new mobile line

You can do it by cutting back by getting rid of your whole life number or opt for a less drastic option such as getting a second line of mobile. This second option is the best since your number will continue to have people like your family if you at least want to keep in touch with them, but to all the people you start to know in this new life you can give them that new number as a symbolic way to start a new agenda or invention of people from your new, renewed self.

3 Buy new clothes

Going shopping and renovating your wardrobe is always a good step when it comes to changing your life. Buy something risky, without it seems that you go in disguise, but dared. Make yourself that suit as you always wanted, a flowery shirt or a reindeer sweater, whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re starting from scratch and makes you happy.

4 Start going to new places

Go through the city and enter places you’ve never been before, libraries, animal shops, bars.  Visit a park or plaza that you’ve always wanted to go to and have never gone, go to the mountains or the beach. Be interested in the people that you find there, you will make new friends in new places, what more can you ask for a new beginning.

5 Start a new hobby or activity

Start an activity that has always caught your attention, but for which you have always put an excuse to not start it out of time, shame or laziness. Collect butterflies, learn to dance salsa, learn to play an instrument, start a new sport, go out with a camera to capture the city or learn to cook, anything goes. The best are activities or hobbies where more people participate in making new friends, but you can always start with something alone and gradually start doing activities that include more people.

6 Change the city or country

If you want the turn that you are going to give your life is really remarkable, the biggest change is to leave everything behind and for it, the “quickest” is to change city or even country if you have a good level of language. Today there are many websites where you can sign up to find a job in another country. There is nothing more like starting from scratch, a new city, a new language, new house, new work, new friendships … do you dare?

7 Do what you did not dare to do

Whether it’s inviting the girl of your dreams to come out, bungee jumping or parachute, eat a scorpion or bathe naked in Antarctica, do it,  the old you did not dare to do these things , but that’s why you’ve now started zero and be a new man capable of doing everything you did not dare to do before.