Last year was quite stressful, but now as we enter 2019, we can do our best to make it better for everyone. But, before you start changing the world, make sure to have a relaxing space to come home to. So, why not give your backyard a little makeover and turn it into a beautiful Zen retreat!

Ensure privacy

In order to truly relax and be yourself, you need to provide your outdoor space with ample privacy. No matter if it’s people peering in or you having to look at ugly traffic, having a way to enclose your space is always welcome. A tall hedge is a great solution because it’s completely natural and can grow very thick. If that’s not the best solution for your space, you can always turn to traditional fences and privacy screens that will protect your space from curious eyes and soak up some of that traffic noise.

Provide shelter

You want your Zen backyard to get plenty of sunlight and fresh air, but in order to make it comfortable all year round, you need some protection from the elements. If you live in hot climates, strong summer sun will quickly drive you inside, and if you live in colder areas, chilly winds and rain can do the same. So, make sure to provide your backyard with some shelter in the form of a pergola or awning. You can also install a retractable shade to its sides. Your best solution is a light outdoor fabric like Sunbrella that can block the heat, rain and wind, but still let enough light and air inside. And when the weather is friendly, you can just lift your shade up, open up your shelter to your backyard and enjoy the view, gentle sun and light breeze.

Add plenty of seating

Once your backyard has plenty of protection, you can start working on comfort which is the key to reaching ultimate relaxation. Cozy seating will allow you to spend more time in your garden and admire your retreat in comfort. Just make sure to invest in quality outdoor furniture that will withstand the elements. And don’t forget practical coffee or side tables that will hold your reading material, refreshments and candles.

Treat yourself to some comfort

Another thing you can do to boost comfort in your backyard is treat yourself to a pool. You don’t even have to go Olympic-sized in order to reap benefits from your water feature—a plunge pool is often all that you need for a nice cool off and a strong aesthetic effect. However, if you want something that will not only give your refreshment, but also warm you up when it’s cold outside and give you a relaxing massage, opt for a spa unit. Those who love to exercise both their mind and their body might benefit from a swim spas that create a never-ending swimming pool effect. For instance, check out some models from Splashes. Thanks to them, you’ll have both your relaxation and fitness needs satisfied. Plus, you’ll avoid all the disruptions to your backyard that come with swimming pool building!

Build paths

One of the main purposes of Zen gardens is the relaxation they provide to the mind. Walking through greenery, touching the plants and breathing in extra oxygen they provide is very relaxing and mind-clearing, so make sure to provide your space with beautiful paths. Simple stepping stones, sand or even moss are all you need to make cute winding paths through your backyard and achieve ultimate relaxation on your garden exploration walks.

Light it up for evening enjoyment

Your garden will take a completely new look when the sun sets, so make sure to make it practical and safe for your evening relaxation or meditation. You don’t need strong floodlights that will strain your eyes. Small solar path lights and lanterns are more than enough. Plus, they require no installation and waste zero energy!

Boost (the right) greenery

In order to turn your backyard into a real oasis, you need some greenery. However, if you live in dry Australia you can’t just import tropical plants and expect them to flourish and fit into your space. It’s always better to opt for local plants, especially shrubbery and other robust flora. They require minimal care, they are used to the soil quality, they are immune to plant illnesses of your area and will allow you to actually enjoy your backyard and not slave over it every day. You will also not waste water and fertilizers which is great for the environment. Plus, if you plant local greenery in layers and trim them regularly, you will have a coherent, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing Zen oasis.

A Zen backyard designed with these tips and trick in mind will be relaxing for your body as well as your soul. And, it will be quite friendly to our suffering environment, so you can enjoy it guilt-free!