Success is not by accident; It is an outcome of intentional living.

Success is something you become when you have put in place the factors that will facilitate it.

While growing up, I noticed that the description of successful people was that of individuals who built houses, ride cars, dress cutely, married in good time with an elaborate wedding ceremony, and maybe have constant power supply because of their generators.

The description created a mindset and carved a definition of success to many people, and that was wrong.

Why wrong? Success is relative but the actual success is making an impact in the lives of people which transforms their lives for the better.

There is no true success in life that is not a positively human centred act.

Dear influencer, I do not know how life has dealt with you; your current state in your business and finances, your setback academically and health-wise but I know that living intentionally by workable values and principles will always cause a transformational growth and an increase in anyone’s life.

In fact, I can tell you this confidently because I am a product of intentional living principles which restored hope and honour to me, equipped me with self-confidence and strength, then gave me direction and outstanding success.

As an Intentional Coach, I have mastered twelve principles which have given me tremendous results in starting and building formidable communication and writing business. In fact, it has increased to 40 principles now. These principles catapulted me from zero level to becoming a multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, authoring five books and counting in two years besides, I have helped many achieve the same.

There are everyday essential principles that need a deliberate commitment and tenacity to get desired results.

Life is about what you make out of it.

Yes! Life doesn’t favour you because you have suffered enough or wet your pillows every other night; rather you take from life that which you want and deserve.

Here are seven out of the forty ultimate principles that you can start implementing intentionally to achieve success in every area of your life.

1. Self-Discovery and Self Mastery

Identifying what makes you unique, tick and who you truly are is the best you can do for yourself if you want to be successful.

You ought to be deliberate in finding out what your weaknesses and strengths are. Know about your temperament and interests and, dislikes.

In carrying out this exercise, you will need to grab a paper and a pen, then be observant to see what you constantly do. Note them and how you feel each time you display them and also people’s reactions to them.

Find your unique message and voice.

Find clarity of purpose and your WHY for living and everything you do.

Appraise your findings and show their consistency, common factors(similarity) and content. Find the one that spur positive energy and remain with them and cut off the ones with negative energy and feedback.

If you cannot find your true identity, you may never achieve a notable feat in life or your career. The earlier you know areas you are good in; you can leverage on them to build a profitable career such as singing, writing, speaking, drawing, travelling, storytelling, acting.

Once you can understand yourself, you will apply self-love adequately and make others appreciate and treat you better.

Self-discovery will allow you master yourself to use information about yourself to your advantage. You cannot enjoy or function above the level of your knowledge about anything.

The beautiful thing is you can do this from time to time and keep improving on being a better version of yourself.

2. Mindset

Have you ever heard that mindset is everything? Yes, it is everything.

In a simple term, mindset means an attitude, intention and mood.

Other words that could stand in place of mindset (synonyms),

  • Mentality
  • Personality
  • State of mind
  • Attitude

Mindset is like the helm of a ship. It controls the direction your life goes. Whatever you may achieve, rest on the mindset you have concerning it. Positive mindset is the best you can have.

To change events, results and feelings around you, change your mindset.

Use mirror reflection to identify and correct your mindset from the negative to the positive. Your thought is you hence keep your mind pure, sound, active for good and calm. If you believe you are not enough, others will treat you so. What you endorse is what you become, therefore, see yourself with a better light and become that.

3. Goal Setting and Execution

At the beginning of the year 2019. I am sure you told yourself some milestones you would want to achieve before the year ends. If you are to visit those goals, probably you haven’t achieved 75% of the goals. You need not panic; it is still possible to achieve more if not all in the a few days.

But to do that, understand that goal getting is a powerful process of thinking, planning and taking a hold of your ideal future.

As a creative, entrepreneur, professional, you must set goals that align with your values; what you do and how you do them and things that are of high esteem to you. Ensure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound). Write your goals and make it visible so it will remind you about them. Be sure to break them down in bits, considering your long term and short-term goals and take a step daily towards achieving your goals. What is the best way of executing your goals?

They include,

  • Be intentional in taking actions that will manifest the goals using work plans
  • Be self-motivated
  • Have pictures of your goals before your eyes
  • Talk your goals into reality
  • Be accountable to someone
  • Be Positive minded, amongst others.

4. Personal Development

I will not overemphasise the need for self-development. The more value you add to yourself, the more value you can give to others. If you squeeze a wet cloth, liquid must come out because it can only give of its content. The same goes to you as an individual, you do not ignore the need for personal development through constant learning to improve especially in your areas of interest, needs and profession. Make it a habit to read books, because a reader is a leader.

Listen to podcasts and enrol for online courses even free learning on platforms such as Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Alison to mention but a few. Prepare adequately so you won’t be unqualified when the opportunities you desire show up.

5. Value system

Values have to do with how we do things and why we do them. They represent the things of high esteem to us, what we see as priority to us. What do you stand for and see yourself do daily? I stand for integrity, knowledge, giving, impact, discipline, honesty, hard work, love and more. In my daily living and kind of work I do, these values play lead roles.

Identify yours and let them guide your way of life and results.

6. Vision Boarding

A vision board is a board that contains your vision for life. Some call it whiteboard or goal board. A vision board contains what you hope to get. It has pictures of your desires and dreams creating a spiritual and science of the future. This board is more spiritual than it is physical.

You need to understand that what you see always, you can reproduce.

What you hold sight of for a long time, you turn to create.

I have this mantra;

“You cannot feature in the future, you did not picture .”

This has helped me to do meditation and attend to my vision board like my future board. Learn how to use it effectively and you will enjoy it. My goals for the year is 85% smashed and here is one secret.

7. Affirmation

Affirming your belief, thoughts and aspirations are vital on your way to success hence make it a lifestyle intentionally. Do your affirmation despite the glaring circumstances before you that contradict your belief.

To affirm anything, you say it in the positive with hope and trust in the universe. For example, I affirm I am productive and successful. I affirm that I am a great content strategist and people like my content and appreciate me. I affirm I am a money magnet and give valuable content.”

Say your affirmation as often as you can and be happy while you do it. The state of your mind is a factor that will quicken the manifestation. Affirmations build your self-esteem and increase your productivity

Finally, I will encourage you to appreciate your life and uniqueness. Own your story abd greatness. Put effort to aid your voice in building and helping others.

Above all, you owe yourself your greatness hence live intentionally and be successful always. Don’t let others define your success for you. It’s possible to be consistently successful.

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