If you are interested in math, financial analysis, or accounting, becoming a CPA could be a great option. CPAs tend to be in very high demand by a variety of employers, and those that have this designation will have plenty of job options. However, some CPAs may eventually find that it is hard to pass a certain level in the corporate world. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that a CPA can advance their career.

Get a Mentor

One way that you can advance your career is by getting a mentor. Like any other industry, having someone by your side that can offer guidance and support is always helpful. When looking for a mentor, you should look for someone in a position you’d like to one day hold yourself. They should also be someone that you respect and can relate to. Your mentor will be able to give you tips and guidance that could help you succeed in your current role and navigate your career in the future. 

Stay Current with Accounting Practices

While you may have done very well in your accounting and CPA classes in the past, the industry does change some from one year to the next. This can include changing best practices, adding new rules, and utilizing new technologies. To ensure that you continue to stay effective in the industry, you need to keep current with this. The best way that you can do this is by taking updated courses and receiving Continuing Professional Education credits. When you receive these CPE credits, it will show that you are dedicated to your career and will provide you with current market knowledge that will help you to advance.

Participate in Social Media

Networking overall continues to be very important in the accounting field. However, the way that people aim to network is continuing to evolve and change. Today, having a presence on social media and being connected remotely is very important. You should join any relevant social media groups and professional organizations, which will allow you to connect with others in the field. Do will help you to grow your professional and personal network, which will continue to advance your career.

Create a Blog or Book

If you would like to advance your career, you could also consider creating an accounting blog or ebook. With an accounting blog, you can discuss changes in the industry and review your past experiences. This will help you get your name established in the industry, creating an additional income stream. 

Learn Other Areas of the Business

When most people become a CPA, they start their career as an accountant, auditor, or even a consultant. While you are in these roles, you will provide valuable services and work to your clients. While there will always be a demand for this work, it never hurts to learn other areas of the business. For an accounting firm to be successful, it will need to have good marketers and salespeople, relationship managers, human resource professionals, and IT. If you want to further your career, succeeding in one of these roles could open up many different opportunities. 

Build Relationships

If you want to do well in any career, you need to build and maintain good relationships. This includes building relationships with people inside and outside the company. If you are struggling to do this, you may need to focus more on improving your soft skills. These can include enhancing your communication, decision-making processes, and even empathy.

As For It

Ultimately, most people will need to ask for a promotion to receive it. While you may get some early on in your career, you should communicate your goals and expectations with your boss. This will put you on your boss’s mind when it comes to finding individuals to promote and develop.

If you are a CPA and feel stuck, finding a way to advance your career could be a near-term goal. While it may seem challenging to do so, there are ways that any CPA could improve their skills and resume. This will help someone to stand out against the competition when applying for jobs and continue to advance and further their carer.