We all have to work. You work to earn money so you can survive in the world. Your job can be boring and tedious at times. Wouldn’t it be nice to be passionate about your work and career? Here are seven ways to bring passion to your work.

1. Take risks

You might be working where you feel comfortable, but you are not passionate about your job. Choose to take a risk and find out what you are passionate about. You may end up switching jobs or careers, but you will fuel your passion and that will lead to more productivity and happiness.

2. Hold yourself accountable

Make sure you follow your passion. It is easy to give up and stay where you are, but you will not be happy. Apply for new positions and be ready to be turned down. Someone will see the passion inside of you and will hire you.

3. Happiness is contagious

When you are truly passionate about what you are doing you will become happier. Happiness will spread from you to other people you work with. Everyone will feel lighter and fresher. You will want to be at work and so will your fellow employees. Find your passion and spread your happiness around.

4. Figure out your priorities

Once you know what your priorities are, you can look for a job that will fit them. Do you prefer to work alone or in a group? Do you want more vacation time, or do you want to be busy? What makes you happy? The answers to these questions will help you discover your true passion.

5. Bring your passion to work

While you are working, you can take a moment or two out of your day to enjoy yourself. “If you enjoy reading, take a book to work and sit and read during lunch or other breaks. If you enjoy exercising, take a walk during your down time. Find something you enjoy and make it a part of your daily routine. Doing what you love will help make your work day lighter and happier,” suggests an expert from FBO Consultant service.

6. Talk to your coworkers

Find out what your coworkers are passionate about. Do they like to play tennis or bowl? Maybe you could organize a bowling league with your coworkers. Or, if they like art, arrange a trip to a local art museum. Go out as a group and get to know one another. You will get to know each other better and find out things you have in common.

7. Stay positive

No matter what happens, stay positive. The more positive your attitude, the better you will feel. You decide if you are passionate and happy, not your job. Make the most of what you have right now, and strive to better yourself and your work. Your work will improve with positivity and you may be looking at a new job you love in the near future. Do not talk yourself out of your happiness. Put some fresh flowers on your desk, or hang a painting you like. Bring a spark of happiness into your office to help you stay positive and on track.
Your job can be rewarding and happy if you keep up a positive attitude and get to know your coworkers. If you strive for a better position that you will enjoy, keep moving towards that goal. Keep your goals attainable and make sure you do something every day to get closer to your dream job. Motivate yourself by freshening up your office and put a smile on your face. The happier you are, the more positive your future will be.