Women Friendly Workplace

How can companies create women-friendly workplaces where women are safe and able to thrive?

In this article, you’ll find 7 amazing ways to create a women-friendly workplace.

1. A Quarterly Meetup

Organizing timely meetups for the women in your organization can help create a women-friendly culture in your organization. It will bring the female workforce together and provide them a chance to know each other.  It can be a platform where women can discuss any issues or suggest new ideas.

2. More Women Leaders

Even though women have started getting equal opportunities in the workplace, very few get to rise to the top leadership positions. Organizations must aim at having women leaders that impart a sense of diversity from a top-down approach.

3. Anonymous Feedbacks

Sometimes, women don’t feel comfortable discussing a situation or talking about something that is troubling them. Build a platform where women can share their views, highlight any issues, and suggest any ideas anonymously.

4. Spread Awareness

Sometimes, enacting a real-life scenario is more impactful than sending an email to your employees. You could organize a small play or skit that highlights discrimination or small issues that women face in the workplace. It would help create an impact and make people realize any misconduct or partial behavior against women. 

5. Zero Tolerance Policy

Any comments, remarks, or jokes that make women comfortable have no place in an organization. Make sure that you have a zero-tolerance policy and provide an environment where women feel no hesitation reporting any misconduct or harassment. 

6. Take Care of Well-equipped Restroom

Women are physiologically different than men, which is why organizations must take their needs carefully into consideration. For example, having a provision for sanitary napkins in the restroom would not just make women feel more comfortable but also relaxed in situations of urgency.

7. Appreciate Your Women Workforce

Make sure that you focus on the growth strategies for the women in your organization. Some companies fail to use the skills and opinions of their women employees to their full advantage. Provide them equal opportunities and appreciate their efforts.

Do you have any other ideas?

Article originally published at Springworks Blog